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    Some of my Internet searches regarding enuresis led me to content on this site, which seems to be a well-rounded and intelligent source for the subjects it tackles.

    I have a childhood history of enuresis and a relatively recent return of it, after a long dormant period. Both then and now no physical issue has been conclusively diagnosed. Though still hoping to be rid of this eventually, I'm learning to live with it and even find humor in my situation. While I don't consider myself to be or to have been a TB, AB, DL, or babyfur, I understand and am accepting of this as part of the breadth of human experience. I'm here to learn about these but mostly about the issues of incontinence, particularly enuresis.

    I have a B.S. in I.T. and do computer work. I'm also a professional coach. I was a scholarship athlete in college and now love passing on my love of my sport and physical culture to others, especially children. Recently married, my wonderful wife and I hope to start a family of our own soon.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    I don't mean to be negative, but your name is really unoriginal... :S No offense or anything. ^^; Sorry! Really sorry!

    Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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    Thanks for the welcome and good wishes.
    Yes, I very much wanted to change my user name as I was writing my intro. Is there a way to do that without re-registering?
    You seem like a creative, young girl from your photos. (I love the name Yumi; I've known a couple of girls with that name.) Have any suggestions?
    I once coached a rock star visiting from Japan who went by a single name. You reminded me of her, though she had way crazy, brightly-colored hair. I think she was primarily in L.A. to learn hip-hop dance from a guy named Tony Tee who ran a school here. She was part of a large group of girls that came to learn tumbling. Only one of them could speak any English. I did a lot of pantomime and it was fun.

    I coach gymnastics.
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    wassup PB
    wow! your wife is totally kool with the wetting and everything!?

    Wishing you the best with your new marriage and with your new ADISC membership too!

    ~ Will

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    So, like, are you some kind of urine elemental? Urin...ental? Or are you the manifestation of the ghost of urine? Whoah.

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