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Thread: Greetings from Vietnam

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    Default Greetings from Vietnam

    I'm always saying hello on this forum because I never post.

    It's nice to see that the forum is still huge and getting ever bigger. It's really nice to see that such a support group has emerged.

    I'm Ben and I work as an English teacher in Vietnam. I used to live in Germany and England and I know Peachy (Hi Peachy wir haben seit viele Monate nicht gesprochen) and some other people though I tend to keep to myself as a DL. (Not a huge fan of these conventions or mass baby parties etc.)

    If anyone is interested in how it is to be a diaper lover in Vietnam then let me explain: They are really easy to get here considering they are available at every shop on the street corner. The ones here are Vietnamese made but they seem to be ok. (Anyone heard of 'Caryn'? no thought not)

    I think it's more acceptable here to use them and people seem to openly buy them though it's all a bit more public here so it's easier to get embarressed when you have to pay in cash in an open street with people staring at you because you are a westerner. Heaven knows what they are thinking.

    Anyway other than that I'm an Adult Diaper Lover by definition who is always keen to stay in touch with the AB/DL community around the world.

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    OOOh Vietnamese diaper scene... tell us moar... start a blog, full of pix and products...

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    The Vietnamese might have the whole thing going on. Lots of girls are all into the cute look. Still wearing mickey mouse PJs to bed at age 25 etc.

    I really have no idea......

    As for what is available....Well it's all quite cheap and Chinese but it's on every street corner.

    I'll maybe do the odd review. I'm using some Malay diapers I found in KL at the moment but I'll get the balls to get some VNese ones soon. Haha they have adult diaper adverts all around Hanoi. It's quite strange in a way.
    The best thing was when I saw someone riding with a motorbike piled high with adult diapers. I think I still have it somewhere...

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    Hi Mr. E. That's really interesting. I once happened on a site dealing with the Japanese culture and diaper wearing. Again it seemed like it catered to the young looking girl set, though from the pictures I saw, young men were involved as well. To bad the U.S. isn't like that. We seem to be more interested in being macho. Darn!

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    Welcome to ADISC! At least our site is diversifying each and every day. Do you have any interests or hobbies?

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    Hi and welcome back!

    I'M glad you've started to explore the local diaper market, especially since they're available at every corner


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    Some people close to me seem to be very open minded to my ideas here in Vietnam...

    I'll post some more when I've got some interesting concrete stuff about that.

    I might have to restock soon. At the moment I have some strange Malay diapers which seem to do a quite good job and have the gel in etc. Next I might try some proper Vietnamese diapers. They all seem to have old white people's photos on the packaging though......I guess it's what sells them to the masses.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to find the best place to find some decent imported diapers. Remember there are no online stores here.

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