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Thread: A Dilemma I Am Facing

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    Default A Dilemma I Am Facing

    Okay, well I was talking to my friend today and he says that he "commandeered" his sisters facebook account and went on it. Reading her messages and well, he found a chat log of his sister and one of my good female friends boyfriend flirting with her. That and he over heard his sister gossiping to her friends that this guy flirted with her, kissed her, etc.

    Now, he has not actually presented me with physical evidence of this happening and hearsay is no valid evidence, so as of now I must disregard this as just hodge podge.

    So, my question is this... if he does provide me with solid evidence of cheating, should I tell my friend about this?

    As of now, I feel that I should take an isolationist stand point, be as America was when WWI broke out, not to entangle myself in "European Affairs", in this case European Affairs being the relationship scene. So I am taking a stance as of know, even if i do get evidence as just paying no attention to this.

    Am I doing the right thing? What would any of you do in this situation? As someone who cares about my friend, should I tell her? Or should I let her have as much happiness as she can and let her find out about this herself?

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    Stay out of it. It's all hearsay and rumors and you have no evidence.


    ( and will you stop comparing people to countries? D: )

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    I was just using that as an example. Yeah, you are right, even if I am presented with evidence, this isn't my business, this is for her to figure out.

    But, other responses are welcome.

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    Are you being serious? Is this middle school? Why are you bringing this up on ADISC?

    But in all seriousness, it's really none of your business. Just stay out of it.

    edit: 2 more threads until the big 300!

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    You know, I am not sure. I posted in the "heat of the moment" type thing, but after some youtube and WWII in HD, it seems stupid that I brought it up and my only decision should be to stay as far away from this as possible.

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    Yeah. I think MAYBE if you get some concrete evidence like a printout of the chats or something... but it has to be very concrete evidence, you could tell your friend about it.

    BUT only if she is a good friend of yours.

    The best decision is to stay out of it though.

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    If it were me you should take every chance to get proof, and tell this female friend of yours.

    Besides America joined in when you all were taking too long. >_>

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    I know America join the war, Ya, even if I do get the evidence, it would be best to stay out. I would think that she would get angry with me if I were to tell her. Even if it was b/c i care about her, these type of caring things have never ended well for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    ...I would think that she would get angry with me if I were to tell her...
    DEFINITELY do not get into it then.

    It seems that she wouldn't want your help with this, and human relations are always complicated. But with this kind of person, do not mess around in their business or tell them things they do not want to hear. It ends badly.

    I speak from personal experience.

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    Lolz. Are you a Junior in High School? It seems that everyone makes analogies and references to APUSH when you are a Junior and then you immediately stop when you are no longer in the class. Fact!

    My initial instinct would be to tell someone about it, but I've never had this kind of problem before so what I'd do is probably not the best thing to do. For your own sake, listen to Olivia, and don't touch it. It's kind of an invasion of her privacy on your friend's and your parts, even if she is cheating. Also I think high school relationships are stupid :

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