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Thread: Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Traditions

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    Post Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Traditions

    What's your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions?

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    Home with family and friends, Can't wait!

    What about you Mary?

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    Using my 'peaking kit', hehe. It consists of invisible tape, a pair of scissors, a thumb tack, a ruler, a set of markers and notepad. Its use is obvious, I find out what peoples presents are if they are already wrapped and not hidden in the usual spot. (I might need to teach my mom a bit of stuff about how to hide 'stuff'...)

    I have lots of traditions, to many to list. Thats probably the most exciting though...

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    Home with my parents and younger sister on Christmas Eve. Probably go to cousin's house with my parents and younger sister for Christmsas Day Brunch.

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    we usualy go to my aunts in the morning an watch them open then gmas for din din and open there after din din but thats about it

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    My partner and I exchange gifts on Christmas eve after church service and have Christmas dinner together. I don't do Christmas with any of my family because it's too much drama with my divorced parents.

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    I usually try to avoid Christmas traditions. That way every year is different!

    [EDIT] Yay, 100th post! [/EDIT]

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    I go over my Grandma's on Christmas Eve and have a huge ass Polish dinner. Then, on Christmas Day, I go to my Grandpa's (they've been divorced for a long ass time now) and I eat. Christmas is all about DA FOODZ.

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    I don't really have any Christmas Eve traditions (unless you count failing to fall asleep before 4AM), but on Christmas Day (after opening presents) we have Christmas dinner at somebody's house or at a restaurant with select members of the family (by select I mean the ones that we regularly keep in touch with... which is two aunts and uncles and their kids, plus us) then Christmas night we have a buffet party thing and we all get merry and fat and drunk.

    On Boxing Day we do the same thing as Christmas night but always at my house.

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    My story is a bit sad, but here is my new tradition started just last year!!!!

    I have had no family Christmas tradition since Christmas '96 because that year, I was with a friend who needed a friend. Christmas reminds me of her. I was with her when she came out of the closet to her parents and saw her father act bad about it. Christmas '97 I was with my family but I had a miserable time and all I wanted was a beer because all I thought about was my friend. I was MISERABLE. I could not wait to get back home and go to the all-night BP station and buy myself beer.

    Starting with Christmas '98, my tradition was to get drunk and wasted and watch my favorite TV show of all time, "CHiPs" all day long on Christmas. I did it because I did not want to remember what happened to my friend when she came out of the closet, as she was and still is, one of my best friends despite the fact she is no longer who she once was due to a mental trauma in Texas.

    However, that has changed. Last year, I started a new tradition. I got over that tough time finally and decided not to spend Christmas with family, but with my best friend and his family instead. I am doing that again this year. On Christmas Eve, I will work closing, then go to Cleveland, Ohio with my best friend and then stay with him at his pad.

    I find now being around my family at Christmas uncomfortable and I would rather be with my best friend, who is like my brother- and his family instead. Plus, it does not help my family does not gather at Christmas anymore anyway, as we are scattered around the US of A and there is no snowball's chance in HELL I am spending the wee hours of Christmas morning in my sister and brother-in-law's car as she drives back from a midnight Christmas Eve mass in Pittsburgh.

    I finally found a way to celebrate the Christmas holiday and be happy. It took me a long time but my new tradition is to do it with my best friend and his family.


    I know my story is sad, but I have finally overcome it.

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