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    An interesting AB article I found, idk how many others have read it, but it is an in depth psychoanalysis of an AB. Kind of cool to read.

    Adult Baby Syndrome -- Pate and Gabbard 160 (11): 1932 -- Am J Psychiatry
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    Read it before. Someone who is definitely far too deep into his fantasies.

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    I know, I read it and thought "Wow this guy is a baby fundamentalist". But, I am glad I found the psych. report, it was a good read.

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    Yeah, that paper shows up from time to time. Like others, I wasn't terribly satisfied with it, but the authors probably did not have much information on this topic easily accessible.

    I've seen older and perhaps more comprehensive papers written. I believe some of them can be found on Bittergrey's site. It was interesting to learn some of the terminology used by folks that research these things; not exactly the same lingo we use here on ADISC.

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    Mr. A is a freak. a. zoid. I understand that we are all freaks to some degree (I mean, come on, we fricking piss on ourselves), but "Mr. A" is taking it too far and involving people that he really shouldn't.

    I felt frustration because of his soft, childlike voice. I often could not hear or understand what he was saying. During our sessions, I often felt uncomfortable since he would lie on the couch and drink from his bottle while staring at me provocatively. I questioned the appropriateness of allowing the patient to lie on the couch and drink from a bottle. [...] Although he was not able to articulate his thoughts or feelings at this time, his constant staring and unwillingness to discuss his feelings disturbed me. There was something vaguely uncomfortable about itóa cross between being regarded as a sexual object and as a longed-for mother.
    UGH. I feel so horrible for that woman.

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    I've read it several times before and i find it to be horribly worded/written for something that was actually a published scientific article. Didn't particularly help me in day to day life when all was said and done

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    I've read that article before, but I took a little more time with it. I think Mr. A is combining both infantilism with exhibitionism. By talking about his infantilism to the psychiatrist and insisting that he be treated as a baby and even put into an institution that would treat him as a baby, he's receiving some sort of sexual stimulation, in my opinion. After all, he came dressed as a baby with baby paraphernalia. Obviously many others saw him as he arrived to the office, sat in the office, and then went home, odd behavior for a police officer who would be seen out on the streets as a cop.

    I suppose most of us "act out" in some ways, even if they are small and in the confines of privacy, in order to feel like a baby, which ultimately would stimulate us. He's simply taken it a million steps further. But I see him as becoming very close to being nonfunctional in society. Interesting that the psych said he had no interest in changing, and so little could be done to change him. I wonder if that isn't true about all of us?

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