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    does anyone here make a cloth diaper from towles and whar it to bed and if so what techneqes work best

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    lol i didnt make mine from a towl i made it from a old flannel bed sheet and funny enough... i have it on right now ^_^ as for techneqes >_< i made mine as more of the contured one but i wish i made it a "prefold" and i still need to stuff it... never used a towel but i want to stuff it with a towel

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    towelling nappies: 'hotel grade' towelling is the best (try Dunelm - they're not that dear); bigger is better; don't use 'fabric softener' as this is just a coating of water-repelling, perfumed gunk; a standard rectangular fold (or not folded if only using a small towel) is the easiest method to adorn - the sides can be folded over some more for the top edges of the nappy to be then splayed out to fit around the waist (creating an hourglass shape).
    a nappy-liner is then a good idea, to avoid certain stains and to avoid chafing; 'frost protection fleece', available from any garden centre, is the correct material (tip: wash first for a silky feeling).
    'pond lining fleece' or other synthetic fleeces (from Dunelm, as jacket lining) can be used as 'one-way' liners and this will add bulk without weight, though it doesn't improve the absorbancy.
    and, of course, plastic pants of a suitable size to fit over all that.

    ideally, the whole ensemble should cover up to the waist (between pelvis and rib-cage) as any fluids will drain all over that area and around the back.

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