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Thread: Hello!! I'm back!!

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    Default Hello!! I'm back!!

    Well, I'm 18 now.. I have a full time job working for a technical support company which I do not wish to name.. I've got everything fine so far.. It's been a while since I've been on ADISC, if you'd like to talk with me just send me a message..
    I've moved back in with my mother and I currently have almost all of my ducks in a row.. Which is great..

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    Welcome back =) Congratulations on your job... and a belated happy birthday!

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    Thank you.
    I've been there for 90 days and almost off probation.. Its stressful sometimes but it can be rewarding.

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    yay @

    OOOOh - technical support - do you get tired of quoting

    when all else fails, read the instructions?

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    Welcome back! It just seems so bad when a bunch of ducks are scattered out. It takes so long to get them back together. Just great that everything is doing good.

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