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Thread: I've heard of everything!

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    Default I've heard of everything!

    Was looking around the internet and came across this:

    Birchwood Laboratories, Inc.

    It's basically "Anal Leakage Pads". If I'd only known about something like this when I was growing up, I don't think I'd have as much problems making friends and all or having to clean my messy underwear out of the toilet using a washboard!

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    Hum, I'd be afraid of the pad slipping away.

    There is a product to prevent anal leaks that resemble a tampon. It's inserted inside the anus and the moisture of the rectum make it fill the gaps and seal the rectum. Yet gas can still be evacuated. To remove, there is a little rope to pull it out.

    I heard it's an effective product. And it look way more secure that what is linked above...

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    Well supposedly the "butt cheeks" is supposed to hold it in place, according to the guidelines.

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    lol i never seen it eather though most times i went way to much for this to help me

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