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Thread: Do animals go after your diapers

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    Default Do animals go after your diapers

    OT.If you had the money would you have a cat (tiger) if soo witch one.
    Any way do any of you have pet or know of any animals that like diapers or shread them up even if there on you lol because i want a pet but i dont wan't it to be after my dipers lol

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    All animals will tear your diapers to shreds.

    Even fish.

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    I left a balled up one in my closet once then left for school. Then when I got home, it was in half with the gel sinking into the carpeting, all over my floor.

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    When I was about 13 and it was winter, I went outside our family's house in only a diaper when they weren't home and sat in the snow and my new puppy came and freaked out and clawed the crap out of the front of my diaper for some reason. It tore pulp out the front and everything, needless to say that was a wasted fresh diaper. I think that's about all I have for "animals going after my diapers" stories.

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    My story is not as epic... my grandmother's dog found one and started to tear it. I stopped the bitch before she could do too much. (lol word usage!) Fortunately it was a clean one.

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    I've lived with seven cats and four dogs as well as hamsters, gunipigs, fish etc. over the many years. None has ever shown any interest in my diapers new or used.

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    when i was 14 i lived next to these people who were pretty much rednecks and they had these 2 dogs in the front yard and chained whitin length to there trash can. one morning i woke up and was on my out to school i looked over at there house and there was diaper shreads and pulp all over the yard. they had to chewed up 2 or 3 it was a mess

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    I really have to keep my used diapers hidden because one of my dogs will take them and shred them all over the house. So far i have been really lucky that no one else has found out.

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    In short: Dogs and diapers don't mix.

    To quote Family Guy:

    Vet: "It was a used diaper."
    Everybody: "EEWWWWW!"
    Brian: "What? I thought it was indian food!"

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    I would get a jaguar because i really like the colour and spots

    Ive got four cats two ferrets and a dog and none have went after my diapers lol

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