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Thread: ...and in *B/DL story News...

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    Default ...and in *B/DL story News...

    It looks like our good friend at the website with the crazy story collecting has finally jumped off the deep end.

    Check out Deeker - the website has been shut down and it now just has a nice, angry rant about somebody sending him an email.

    I haven't posted awhile, but I figured somebody out to inform the community of our victory against creepers!

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    Yeah, I emailed a congratulations to the guy who did what I failed to do. The justice of it all brings a tear to my eye. The patheticness of the reason just convinces me that I never could have got the site down myself.

    What a great day this is.

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    I checked it out and unfortunately the site is still alive past the homepage. All you need to do is use Google's links under the search result for deeker.

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    And unfortunately, the site is back up. Darn. We've been foiled again.

    From the front page (what a freaking whiner he is...)

    On 11/17 at around 4:30 PM MST I experienced a severe lapse of poor judgement driven mostly by my extreme anger towards a certain individual who has constantly criticized my web site. At one time I valued his input, but as I became tired of his harsh words and bitter tone I became less tolerant of his increasingly toxic remarks. Today (11/17), he pushed me over the edge with an especially caustically insulting email. I had an emotional breakdown and did what seemed sensible at the time. I flew into a blind rage, surprised that nothing was destroyed in the process (except for my pride). It was enough to make me cry, and if I didn't have a loving family, I might have even thought about committing suicide (seriously) because when I temporarily took down the site I realized that a great part of what I stand for and what mission I serve in life, was dying.

    I have since done some thinking and I came to realize how irrational this move was. Immediately I was flooded with dozens of emails from supporters and long-time fans encouraging me to keep the site up and running. To all of you, I just want to say thank you for your kind and supportive words. You all deserve a big group hug from me (and I am not usually one for such affections).

    I don't have the time to do it now, but I will be working on a rebuttal to Y. Lee's acidic and mostly unwarranted remarks and post it in next week's Message of the Week. All I can say is that I cannot let the terrorists win or let the limp-dicked words of one critic dictate how I should run my site.

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    Terrorists? Now the anti-d**ker people are terrorists?

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    What do you think was in the email that almost took down the big d? I would really like to see a copy of it. not to be creepy, its just, they must of been some powerful words to make someone think about suicide... or maybe just d**ker's really weak! xD

    D**ker probably just said the suicide thing so that every one would feel bad for him, If I'm wrong, he needs some help!

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    Haha, Deeker is declaring war on his enemies. I would like to see a copy of this message too, maybe this guy is a very charismatic person if it was insulting enough to hurt him like that, or maybe he is just weak. Oh well.

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    IT's a damn shame the site is still up...

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    Someone PLEASE send more emails about him...And say bad shit, too...Hopefully he won't be coming back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygrizzy View Post
    someone please send more emails about him...and say bad shit, too...hopefully he won't be coming back.

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