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    I believe it was Proctor & Gamble that used to make the Attends line of incontinent products but ever since Paper Pak took over I've noticed their briefs (diapers) have gotten more thin over the years. The last case of Attends I ordered had the Attends logo on the tapes but ran out of those and I received another case yesterday and the tapes just have line patterns on them. They also seem thinner too. I might as well go back to wearing Depends because they're almost identical now.

    It's too bad because Attends was my favorite diaper. Well looks like I have a whole case of 88 to go through which lasts me at least 10 months because I don't wear all the time. Maybe next time I'll try the Bambinos.

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    They used to be a good, readily available diaper once upon a time. After the changeover in manufacturers, they weren't as available and they quickly declined in quality. I found them inferior to Depends a long time ago and since they're not around much, I haven't had cause to keep up to date with the comparison. Even the old ones don't really measure up to what's available today by mail order, but it is a shame that a decent, widely available product was lost in the shuffle. I think you'll be happier with one of the better quality products. They may cost more, but since you aren't wearing all the time, why not treat yourself?

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    I remember buying Attends back maybe 7-8 years ago and they were nice then.

    I would have liked to see leak guards, but this was a nice diaper that could take a heavy wetting.

    I do miss those diapers, and only wish I could try the ones with the blue tapes. Those look huge and very absorbent.

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    You don't say what Attends you bought. Attends has (had) several different lines. In the plastic backed Attends came in 8, 9, and 10 (2 tapes each side) and a "retail version" that had 3 tapes on each side. I bought a case of Attends 8 on e-bay that were not a good diaper.

    There current line-up is Breathable: Extended wear, Extra, regular. Easy fit which is still plastic, (I think) and there Confidence line which is also plastic backed.

    You may not have ordered the most absorbent ones but not all is lost. You can easily ad a doubler such as cheap baby diapers to make them thicker and more absorbent. The "Pamperchu" method is quick, easy and very effective. Just do a search on You tube if you are unfamiliar with it.

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