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  • I am Autistic

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  • I have Asperger's Syndrome

    11 14.86%
  • I have ADD or ADHD

    10 13.51%
  • I have a different learning disorder (please specify)

    12 16.22%
  • I do not have a learning disorder

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Thread: How Many of Us Are Autistic (Or Have Some Other Learning Disorder)?

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    Exclamation How Many of Us Are Autistic (Or Have Some Other Learning Disorder)?

    Just for my own curiosity.

    It seems like there is an unusually large amount of people here with some sort of Autism on this website. Please note that the results are NOT public, so others will not see your answer.

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    I don't have any learning disorders. -shrug-

    But I do agree that there seem to be a lot of us with some sort of learning disorder.

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    Nicky, did you spell Asperger's like that on purpose? Hilarious as it is, some may take offence. Just making sure you dont get shouted at by someone later.

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    ^No, that was not on purpose.


    I'm not sure if I can change it now though. Sorry to anyone, didn't mean to offend.

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    I didn't learn to tie my shoes till I was 12, as stupid as that sounds.
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    I have ADD, AS, and learning difficulties. All of the above lol.

    I sometimes call AS Assburgers for assholes.

    I don't fit into any learning disability catagory. I just have a different way of learning and had to have my work modified. I don't know if the majority has this problem too but I cannot watch a video that shows us how to do something because I have difficulty learning how to do it. I need to be shown how to do it in person, be shown how to do it as I do it. I also can't listen for long periods of the time and I zone out. I also can't remember every steps when I get told to do this and this and this and this. Sometimes I can but it depends.

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    I was diagnosed with ADHD, but I don't consider it a learning disorder. I learn in a different way, where rapid fire bursts of information allows me to retain a lot of it. It plays to my strength of constantly changing my focus while stimulating my brain.

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    I have the "I'm-not-stupid-like-every-other-student-around-me" syndrome and some other thing when I can't learn unless I'm multi-tasking. I need to draw while I listen to my DCF teacher go on and on about stuff. I'm also primarily an auditory learner because of my (very mild) ADD. I have very sensitive hearing, so I guess I retain audio info a lot more than visual info. It makes it a bit difficult when I have to read things for a class. I'll always forget everything. With school being so focused on books, it makes it hard for me to remember everything.

    I don't take any meds that are specific for my ADD, but I've found that the Prozac I was put on for depression made my concentration a bit better. (That's good academically and artistically. I can FINALLY draw a naked lady without getting too distracted and half-assing it.)

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    As far as I can remeber I don't have one, but because I take meds I probably could have one but either way one thing I know for sure is that it's pretty mild

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    I put none, but when I was in grade school, I suspect I had some form of ADD because I spent a lot of time in the coat room. It was a one grade, on classroom kind of school, only one 1st, grade, one 2nd, etc. and the building was old, so each classroom had a coat room, and I was its chief occupant. One day I was put in the coat room for bringing a dead bird to school. I was simply interested in it. My teachers were idiots.

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