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    Hey, i have been on this site for a long time now, just lurking. So i thought about posting a intro(i was actually recommended to). But i am from Alberta, Canada. I am a DL, and sadly i only have access to Depends and some Tena brands since i am up here in canada and there are no independent pharmacys here where i can order better ones. i enjoy computers and photography, acualy more into computer designing(donno the exact name but 3d graphics, Photoshop, programming), i also enjoy Firearms(rifles and pistols), i have shot alot... For the time i been here i really enjoy the community and i hope to post more.

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    Ah, sounds like you have lurked a bit... yay @ readiing the fine print before signing up...
    What is your opinion on the spectacularly awful performance of the Eskis vs Stamps today?

    As to guns... you may want to check out

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    Hi, Taiance. Warm welcomes and happy wishes.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you can enjoy the community here and hope for a prosperous future here.

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