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Thread: Yet another binge/purge re-entry

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    Default Yet another binge/purge re-entry

    ...well... I guess it's that time again.

    Now, I know the binge-purge cycle is kind of abstract, and, if I do say so myself, I've handled the urge to throw out RAWR EVERYTHING pretty well...

    Ugh, I hate it when I start writing something and forget what I was gonna say by the time I finished.

    Anyway, I'm gonna try to log onto adisc and post in new threads now. As opposed to having a RAWR SPIKE in activity when I'm feeling tb-social and then RAWR VALLEY as I get embarassed by even seeing the adisc homepage.

    Lately, I've actually started making friends, and it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and everything, but I felt guilty for leaving adisc -- the kind of guilt that comes with doing something that feels right but may have dubious consequences in the future.

    I'm talking about relationship consequences... With practice in real life, I'm kinda hoping I can avoid problems... problems like what happened with... uhh... people... whose names I don't feel comfortable saying here...

    Argh... there goes any semblance of rational thought. Yeah, mark "self-loathing" on the list of things for me to deal with while I'm here.

    So, anyway, that's why I'm back, and that's why I might seem... out of it... while I'm here, for a while, at least.

    Respond, don't respond, it doesn't really matter... I haven't said anything new, and I chickened out from saying anything important. I just needed to post this here to remind myself that this site exists and that I promised myself I'd come back.

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    Hey Noob....glad your back. I think you should do that which you are comfortable. Sometimes members are more active than other times. I know that things come up in my life which take my time, and they need my attention. Besides, you should have real friends in your life. It's healthy.

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    I find when I think less about diapers I come here more often... it's weird.

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    *tackle-pounces teh NoobSauce* Hey!

    Welcome back.

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    Welcome back man

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    Umm...I didn't quite understand if you're binging or purging right now, and if you're returning to ADISC because of in spite of a significant other.

    Either way, welcome back to ADISC! This place was rather bland without our Noobsauce!


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    dittos from me: I get by on a semblance of rational thought, even when I don't have any actual rational thought.

    WB to you; /me elbows Mes out of the way and huggles you...

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    Oh. Well, I'd call it 1/4 from "purge" to "binge", as in

    purge --------*------- binge
          ^       |      ^
          NO      |   DIAPRARS
    MUST NOT BE   |     YUS.
           Dammit...  I'm
    gonna go through this again
    anyway...  why bother?
    Also, I think I've adopted a slightly healthier (read: less paranoid) attitude of "This is for their own protection." Kind of like how people don't have casual conversations about what their favorite kind of pornography is, or whether they prefer it when their penis stretches up or down when it's erect.

    It works pretty well for the binge/purge cycle, actually, because when I'm getting to the 'purge' half it's less like "DESTROY EVIDENCE" and more like "Time to stop drawing attention to the stash of fetish objects".

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    Hey! *pushes Raccoon and tackles NoobSauce*

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    Welcome back, Nooby! *picks raccoon up and dusts him off, tackles Mes and pats her head* HIIIIII Messssss!

    Dude we all go through some form of that roller coaster, and the fact that you recognize the valleys for what they are, (temporary) and are making friends outside in real life are great ways to find balance in your life.

    Good to see ya again!
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