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Thread: Probably should have started here, oops!

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    Post Probably should have started here, oops!

    Hi ADISC, just recently found this forum when searching for incontinence support groups. So far finding it quite informative and interesting.

    About myself...

    I am a professional in the Architectural / Building Industry currently self employed but looking to get into the public sector. I am heavily active in sports, especially hockey, enjoying reading fantasy, and playing video games.

    I have lived with an over active and undersized bladder with urge incontinence for both bladder and bowel my whole life. Have worn diapers on and off my whole life in secret until recently; afraid of the obvious ridicule that a teen/adult would face; finally talking to my new doctor about why when I had to go, I had to go right away, or if the pain and discomfort was normal; after talking to a few close friends, its not; or why water would set me off. But now with a diagnoses and a script from my doctor I am fully covered for all expenses, including any incontinence products I choose, and am starting to feel alot more comfortable about myself knowing that there are more than a few other people my age out there who have the same and in some cases worse.

    I am a very open person, so feel free to ask any questions.


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    Hey hey!

    Welcome to ADISC Aussy =) Nice to hear that you feel more comfortable about yourself, I'm sure being involved here will only help with that =)

    Also, feel free to ask us any questions too. Hope you enjoy the site!

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    Welcome. Nice you were able to find such a supportive forum as ours through Google.

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    Hello new Canuckian... welcome aboard. Yay the Canadian way: even your diapers are covered! (We take the expression "covering your ass seriously!" )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Hello new Canuckian... welcome aboard. Yay the Canadian way: even your diapers are covered! (We take the expression "covering your ass seriously!" )
    I thought it was "Arse" for Canadians

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    I've never met a Canadian that said "Arse". That's more in Europe.

    CANADIAN! And an informative post. I think you might be one of my new favorites on this site . lol

    It's cool that you found a reason for having problems with going to the bathroom. You said your "new" doctor told you what the problem was, does that mean your "old" doctor was just like "Nah, it's normal to have problems controlling your bladder"? or were you just too embarassed to talk to anyone about it?

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    More the latter, just too embarrassed to talk about it, and my old doctor kinda creeped me out when I was younger (early teens), so I avoided anything to do with him.

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    Like to play it but find football boring to watch, especially American football. I dispise the running game but I still find the highlights interesting though. At least its not anywhere as bad as baseball is, 3+ hours for a 1 hour game.

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