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Thread: Something interesting I noticed.

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    Default Something interesting I noticed.

    Whenever I see people online talking about wearing diapers, people are like "Oh my god, diapers are for holding pee and poo, why would you want that?" They're really negative.

    About a month or two ago, I saw a thread on another site where a male was saying that he wears feminine pads because he thinks they're soft. I didn't see any negative comments or anybody implying that it was weird. The only thing people said (other than "I see nothing wrong with it") was "Don't get the sticky part on your pubes."

    I just find it odd that people think we're so strange for wearing things meant to capture our waste matter, but they find a male wearing something meant to know perfectly fine. Why do you think this is?

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    Maybe because they associate diapers with babies, and they associate liking something to do with babies as paedophilia.

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    Maybe because they associate diapers with babies, and they associate liking something to do with babies as paedophilia.
    Well if that case why is elder or younger adult need seen paedophilia becuase that wear diapers would not see diaper as like underwear choice instead.

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    [QUOTE=Aercia;298773] The only thing people said (other than "I see nothing wrong with it") was "Don't get the sticky part on your pubes."

    Quite a wise tip I'd say!

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    Thats just the way people are now. If your not acting like everyone else your an outsider, a freak. Wearing diapers, especially for fun, is not usuall behaviour. Alot of people don't have the definition of pedophilia down right so some associate having and liking baby items with it. Of course they are all one sided and very judgmental people that society has made them.

    They are also associated with babies. Again, if your not acting like everyone else your a freak. Acting like a baby and using baby items is out of the norm, not everyone knows why so they just think "Weird, What the hell is up with him/her?".

    I befriended a kid who had autism when I was in grade 4, we were great friends and I helped him out alot. But everyone else just made fun of me for helping this poor kid through his life, and him for his rather crazy behaviour and inability to do certain things. Sure he wet himself in class once, sure he attacked a teacher to go to the bathroom (True), sure he has major mood swings and can't write properly, but woopdedoo. Hes human, he needs friends too. He doesn't deserve to be constantly assaulted by harsh words and cruel comments.

    Basicly, no one wants to have other people know your friends with the freak. Or if you feel bad for him/her. Everyone wants to look normal and be cool so they try to act normal and be cool by laughing at those who are not 'normal'.

    Now imagine if humanity was nice, we would live in a very different world...

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    Normality is a very strange thing indeed. I believe that empathy helps people label things as normal. Any girl knows that pads are soft, and can empathize with a boy liking it just because it's soft. Nobody really knows what a diaper is like, and cannot empathize whatsoever with why anyone would like it. I can empathize with just about everything, so for me there isn't much that's abnormal. Pretty much anything short of killing for fun I can accept. Other people can empathize little with things outside of their comfort zone, so they call those things abnormal and wrong to justify their own apprehension.

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    weird.. everyone I know would think he was a messed up crossdresser... then again everyone I know are close-minded bigots...

    and @ Link: empathize (it was bugging me)
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    Potty Training does two things.. trains kids to use the bathroom, and trains kids to hate diapers and fear actually needing them again in life. Combine this with the internet and people can and will hate you for it. However there are those that are/can be understanding about many things.

    That said, its best not to bring it up with anyone that's not into it. Not like they need to know about it and its your personal thing.

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    It's not as simple as "why is this accepted and this not accepted"
    there are a lot if things in our lives that we are tough, one of those thing tHings we learnt early was to hate and avoid diapers after childhood. That is why people react so nastily to *bism
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    I really dont think it has to do with potty training, or being taught to hate diapers and like toilets.
    I think people just see it as gross because diapers are made for peeing and crapping yourself, and saying you wear diapers implies to people that you pee and crap yourself, and walk around with that in your pants. I just think that is why people think of it as negative, even if you have a medical problem that requires there use. This is not just for adults who wear diapers, people are just as grossed out by a baby diaper that is dirty. I worked in a nursing home for a few years, and people are much more grossed out by adults who wear diapers because the mess is bigger and the smell is worse, it is just all around worse.
    We see a positive in wearing diapers, because they bring us something, but for the people around us, there just isnt anything positive for them, as they are only dealing with the posible negatives of people wearing, like the smell, etc.

    Generaly people will be nice to you if your wearing a diaper around them (and they actualy know your wearing), because people wont want to offend you, but I imagine they still think of it in a negative way.

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