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Thread: Seeking a babyfur to care for

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    Exclamation Seeking a babyfur to care for

    I live in catasaqua, p and I am looking for a babyfur to take cae of, my age range is 16-18. Talk to me on the IM names I leave and let me see if you can be put in my care.

    With bunch of fox love
    Shade Redfox

    [removed contact info]
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    Before even asking something like this you should make an introduction to let us know who you are. Right now you're expecting people to go out of their way and tell you things about them when they know absolutely nothing about you. You should also read the rules and stickies in the greetings section to see what ADISC is about.

    One more thing: There really isn't a need to make a whole new topic to add your screen names.

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    Your new to the forum and looking to meet up already .... This isn't a site where you can come and meet up with people!

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    A few things to remember:

    (1) ADISC is not a dating forum. We do not appreciate people who come here for the sole purpose of hooking up with others IRL!
    (2) We discourage minors from meeting anyone from this forum for security reasons. Asking specifically for minors is fishy at best, especially since we know nothing about you and you may as well be a 40 year old pedo [in that case be aware - we've already sent one to prison!]
    (3) Follow the proper course of action. That means you should first introduce yourself properly in the introduction forum, then get to know other people, post around, visit the IRC and talk to people before you even think about contacting people privately.

    So...gather up your belongings in this thread and return to the very beginning and start over!
    *thread closed*

    Oh, and you may want to watch this video before joining another internet forum:
    How To Behave On An Internet Forum (Technology & Cars: Internet: Useful Tips)


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