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Thread: What car do you drive?

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    Default What car do you drive?

    I did this on the old fourms but I'm going to do this again.

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    A vintage, 2-door, 1994 Toyota Tercel w/4 speed manual transmission purchased new in Dec. 1993. Really appreciate the nearly 40MPG I get with it these days!


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    I drive a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier. I go for economy rather than anything else!

    My first car about ten years ago, though, was a 2-door Buick Somerset from 1986, and it was an absolutely beautiful car with a beast of an engine -- an engine that, for the time it was created, actually held the land-speed record. I can't tell you, in my young and foolish first few years of driving, how many new "sports" cars I smoked with that baby!

    I miss that car!

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    The toy.

    2006 Chevy Cobalt SS... not stock.

    The Project.

    1989 Dodge Daytona CS Turbo... 130,000 miles... being rebuilt.

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    Ooo yay, I actually do drive now! Don't have my own car though as I'm still learning, so I drive my mum's CitroŽn C2.

    Went 60 MPH for the first time the other day.

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    Well it depends on the weather, if it's raining or snowing I drive my truck, I have a 08 chevy silverado 4wd short wheel base.

    If it's nice out I drive my Honda civic it's a 07 LX coupe with a 5 speed, and I just put a set of Si wheels on it, looks much better that way.

    And if it's absolutely perfect weather with no rain, more like no chance of rain, I drive my vette it's an 02 Zo6,it's red in color, this car get's very little drive time, because I'm trying to keep the miles low, because I want to get a new one next year.

    Truck mileage 16 mpg
    Honda 38
    vette 18 mpg.

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    ZO6... nice... nice.

    I guess I didn't post the mileage of my cars.

    Cobalt - 25city/35hwy
    Dodge - 20city/25hwy (estimate, pending tune-up)

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    I used to drive a 1994 Mercury Topaz. I loved that car, mainly because it was so cheap to maintain and was surprisingly reliable...gas mileage sucked though as the 3spd auto trannies in those cars were TERRIBLE.

    Now I drive a 1998 Ford ZX2 which I've also been happy with, though I've only had it since January. Both cars are/were black 2 door, but the Topaz was more like a chalkboard with all the UV damage :/

    ...oh and in case you start bugging me for driving Fords, I got both cars for cheap and they are really easy to work on, so it's an economic reason :P

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    Default What Car Do You Drive?

    I am driving care-a-lot's 2000 Daewoo Lanos. It is a pitiful car, and to small for my long American legs.

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