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    Hi. I left home to go to uni about a month and a half ago, and what I noticed (not immediately- it's taken me this long to comment on it, lawl) was this- while I was living at home, the idea of being babied was pleasant and 'nice', but nothing more.
    Now that I'm independent (or at least reponsible for myself- cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.- all the things that your parents take care of for you when you're living at home) I've found that this has grown into a fairly strong longing.
    I'd just like to ask the rest of you on the AB forum- did becoming independent increase your desire to be babied, to be dependent on someone else?
    On a slightly related note, none of my baby stuff is here, nor do I have any diapers- what with how small my room is it would be damn difficult to hide, for one thing.


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    I would have to say yes there is a stronger pull to be dependent on others in that independent move. At least it was for me.

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    Once out on my own, I can't recall wanting to be babied. I enjoyed my independence. I most certainly enjoyed being able to wet diapers, etc., it's just that babying wasn't part of my personality. At the time I was racing at the track, and busy at work. I didn't have the internet so I didn't have a tie in to the AB community. All of that was submerged into the street sub-culture, like homosexuality, drug use, and other things which were considered contrary to the accepted social culture.

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    I found being independent didn't affect my ABness all that much, although that might have been due to having less time.
    I did order quite a lot of stuff from the internet though, taking advantage of nobody snooping around parcels I order.

    For hiding things, try buying a large safe (not like a proper safe, something from Stationery Box etc.). Independence means being able to say "none of your business!" when asked about it.

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