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    Question new ideas

    can any of you guys give me some fun stuff to do in and with diapers to try when i get hold of some i am 14 yr old boy and willing to try new things and i have 1 freind that knows and might do stuff with me if you know of anything ? lol

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    Just do what you would normally do if not in diapers. Play games, watch t.v., go to the movies, hiking, etc. BTW you are lucky to have a diaper friend.

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    1. Proper grammar please. Just because we're on the internet doesn't mean we shouldn't talk like normal people
    2. Do whatever you would normally do.
    3. ......bathtub.

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    Take a laxative and some immodium and let them battle it out!
    Of course I am joking and dont know what would happen. But if you think about it, it makes you wonder who will win............. ok I will be back in a while.

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    Sounds more like a creepy old guy posing as a fourteen year old when you talk like that...

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    Just imagine that your alot younger without a care in the world, and just enjoy playing games, or whatever, and when you feel nature call just ignore it, your body will do the rest.

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    or any of the good Ideas that have already been said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Possibly Insane View Post
    Sounds more like a creepy old guy posing as a fourteen year old when you talk like that...
    No the person is 14. Look at the grammar, spelling, etc. I would go on but then I'll just be offensive and belittle the OP.

    That said Mark, you should really try to tone down on the emoticons before you say something. I never seen anyone shrug before they speak.

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