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Thread: Adderrall = Success

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    Default Adderrall = Success

    Sorry if this thread's been done before, not sure if it has. Anyways I have done Adderral a couple times in my life, snorted it, but not during school. Has anyone tried Adderral to increase academic performance? Has anyone here been prescribed the drug normally, and has anyone convinced their doctor to prescribe it to them?

    Just wondering, I don't think we discussed this one before.

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    I was prescribed it... Nearly killed me.... Along with a few other ADHD medication. and most others have severe side effects to me.

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    ive been prescribed it since i was little. works pretty good for me

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    Basically, here's how it's gonna go...

    ADHD medication can have severe side-effects for the people who are told to take it by doctors.

    And you think that nothing bad will happen to you if you take it illegally?

    Never do it again, and you'll be fine.


    So no, I haven't taken it just in increase academic performance, I take Vyvance, a different ADHD medication, because it's prescribed to me.

    And if you can convince your doctor to give it you, your doctor is an idiot and he'll probably get you killed someday.

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    Never heard of 'Adderrall' before, but I'd be extremely wary of anything containing speed! Or indeed any drug that's both dangerous and addictive.

    As for boosting academic performance; there's no magic quick-fixes that will help you there. The best 'drug' to take here is hard work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    Never heard of 'Adderrall' before, but I'd be extremely wary of anything containing speed! Or indeed any drug that's both dangerous and addictive.

    As for boosting academic performance; there's no magic quick-fixes that will help you there. The best 'drug' to take here is hard work!
    Adderall is one of many ADHD medications. It's a stimulant, though I forget what kind.

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    I've been taking Adderall for several years for ADD that has been with me since childhood. True ADD/ADHD patients do not react to the amphetamines in the drug the same way as others. It actually calms/slows me down. Or my brain anyway. There have been side effects that I talked to my Dr. about, like an elevated heart rate (and being very aware that my heart is pounding in my chest), decrease in appetite, and feeling zombied when my dose is too high.

    I'm not a big fan of "getting" schedule 2 drugs for convenience and performance enhancement (outside of military use). For all intents and purposes outside of prescribed dosages, this stuff is speed (amphetamines) and is addictive and can be dangerous. These drugs alter your brain's chemical balance, affecting dopamine quantities in the neurons.

    If you don't need it, don't take it. The risks can really outweigh the rewards if you take it too far.

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    I don't take any drug, not even caffeine. I don't like the idea that a lot of people have that I need drugs to fix myself. I've gone through the conversation of "So how much coffee do you drink in the morning? None, really? Stop eating so much sugar then, ha ha! You don't eat sugar either? You have ADHD then, so drink some coffee to calm you down." It goes like that every time. Every problem you have, unless it is extreme enough to be called a disorder, can be fixed on your own without the help of drugs! You want to improve your work, then work harder, don't take a drug. Those people who tell me I have a problem and need drugs, even one like caffeine, are always shocked when at that instant I calm completely down and hold a complete, undistracted conversation about how drugs are bad and trying to play the role of a doctor is even worse. The brain is more powerful than the problems you have, and you can work through them without the use of drugs!

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    My advise, STOP! NOW!

    Those meds are dangerous even when monitored. Even after years of taking it. Just to give you an example I took methylphenidate (various forms of that (better known as Ritalin)) for 10 years and I had to stop with it due to it suddenly becoming a huge health risk.

    So just don't take it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    So don't just take it.
    Even better - just don't take it.

    You are taking your health in your hands, and swinging it round just waiting to let go and have it fly off and crash into something sharp. And why - to get an increase in academic performance that if you don't have ADD/ADHD would never even happen.

    Do you have a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD - if not then why you say you are taking them is invalid. Even if you had it is quite possible the effects of the drugs would be minimal and outweighed by side effects - especially considering how you are taking them.

    Next - closely monitored these drugs are a health risk. And you are taking them unmonitored. Just because some drugs are given under prescriptions does not mean they aren't dangerous. All drugs have side effects. And these, based of speed or similar things, have pretty bad ones.

    Listen. The people on this site who get prescribed this things talk of physical health risks and some pretty nasty side effects. I know some of them have also had some mental side effects from them that weren't nice.

    Essentially you are taking a derivative of speed (an illegal drug) and you are taking it illegally. From what you have said, there isn't a reason to assume you will actually have the benifits you seek from it, and yet you are pretty sure to have the negative side effects from it.

    Just because some people get given a drug, doesn't mean it is safe for everyone to take on a whim - especially not snorting it. There is a reason some drugs are prescribed instead of being ones you can just pick up off a shelf and buy. There are risks involved and the numbers are not in your favour if you keep doing this.

    Seriously - if you carry on taking this you are doing it for the high and nothing more. You need to talk to someone and get this sorted out.

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