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Thread: wetting before sleeping

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    Default wetting before sleeping

    I am wondering if anyone wets there diaper before they go to sleep? i myself do it so i wake up with a wet diaper.

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    Yeah, I can't rest unless I'm empty so if I have a nappy on, I use it before sleeping. All the other times I just get up and go to the bathroom, sometimes three or more times before sleeping! There is something about waking up with the nappy on, I agree. I'm not sure why though. It seems relaxing, and maybe even empowering.

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    If I'm in a diaper and I've gotta go before falling asleep, yes. If I don't go before falling asleep then I'll probably end up waking up in the middle of the night anyway.

    By the way, I noticed you never made an intro. Go make one so we can stop harassing you about it!

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    Wetting before bed when I ever get padded is a relaxing thing for me its warmth and what not lull me to sleep and make me feel comfortable.. eventually it does itch but it's just soo comfortable!!

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    I've done it if I'm diapered and really have to go before falling asleep...but typically I'll wake up in the middle of the night and need to go so I'll just wet the diaper. I use lots of powder and only wear 1 or 2 nights a week, haven't had any rash problems. I do love waking up in a wet diaper


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    Yeah i always wet before i go to bed so i wake up to a wet diaper because i know i wont wet it at night.
    and yeah the warmth really makes me feel all cosy and sleepy

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    I always wet before I go to sleep if I'm wearing. Its definitely nice to wake up wet!
    I'm with some of the others, I don't wear enough at night to really worry about getting a rash. Whats really nice is, the next morning ya gotta wet it again to warm it up a bit haha

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    No I dont wet before I go to sleep because that would defeat the purpose of bedwetting! But since I cant control it I usually try to go the potty before I put my diaper on for sleep.

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    Yeah, definitely. I love sleeping with a wet nappy on.

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