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Thread: Washing a cloth diaper?

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    Cool Washing a cloth diaper?

    So I got my new cloth diaper from cosy'n'dry and it's super comfy and all but I don't know how exactly to wash it :/
    any advice would be great because I has a great big yellow stain on it that looks terrible.
    if you want to know what sort of diaper look at the Velcro tab Terry cloth diaper cosy'n'dry have. It's a great diaper but I don't want it to Start stinking, I only wash it in the shower some mornings now.
    I really need this help ad I don't wanna have to throw away a rotting $70 diaper. :/
    P.S. Thx for help all!

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    Cold water can help to remove stains, so if you toss it in the washer, be sure to use cold every time. Some vinegar can help to remove the smell, so just add about a cup to to the washer. Since you have the kind with velcro, don't dry it in a dryer, you'll have to line dry it. The dryer will make the velcro stick together and then it may stress the thread too much and break. That's about all I know, but you could try a google search on how to do it. Good luck

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    Put it in the washing machine and put about a 1/2 cup of bleach, if you can wash it seperatly, or put it in with white stuff.

    If you can just put it in the machine and let it stand with the bleach and the water, but if you have put it in the dryer the stain me be set in, but may come out with repeated washing with bleach over time.

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    $70 is a bit high but I'll bet its a good diaper. I soak then wash in COLD water. Repeat COLD. Then rewash in hot wash warm rinse. Hot sets stains so cold first. Bleach is good but kills elastic in fitted diapers so use it sparingly and only when needed.

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    Yes, I wouldn't use bleach often as it deteriorates the fibers. Using a little vinegar is better.

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    Default Washing cloth diapers

    Bleach and fabric softener greathy diminish the absorbency of cloth diapers. I recommend avoiding both.

    First, use 20 Mule Team Borax in a small amount of water (temperature doesn't matter at this point) to soak them for an hour or even a day or or so. Then drain the water and wash the diapers in hot water. Dreft is a great detergent that keeps your diapers soft. You can use the 20 Mule Team Borax as a booster.

    Even on high heat, they take a long time to dry.


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    Here are the instructions I send with all my diapers.
    All Secret Room Diapers are Machine washable, special care should be given to prolong the life of the diaper.

    This item has been washed in an smoke/cat/dog free home, though always wash new diapers before use.

    Soak: A pre-wash soak is recommended for no less then one hour to soften the fibers.

    Smell Removal: While many produces offer to remove smell they often are harsh and damage the fabric. Often a small amount of Vinegar in the wash will eliminate the smell of urine. If smell lingers add baking soda to the pre-soak cycle along with the vinegar.

    Drying: While hanging dry is the more eco and money friendly option, it can be time consuming. If Machine dry do not add any form of fabric softener, as it decreases absorbency.

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    Thanks all for the wonderful replies! This should be stickied for the purpose of cloth diaper washing, as it has many great answer's to my questions.
    I will be sure to try these techniques with my next wash.
    *huggles all*

    EDIT: bad spelling :P
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