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Thread: umm...hi?

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    Default umm...hi?

    Hi everyone. I'm rather new to the whole ab/tb/dl scene, so this is a new experience. Anyways I like soccer, xbox, and actually like constructive arguements, the kind where people know what they are talking about, and like listening to them. Well hope this isn't too specific for an introduction.

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    Hey! Welcome to ADISC =)

    I love soccer myself, what position do you play? I play in goal =)

    You'll find many gamers here, there's a sticky in the Computers & Games forum for you to post your online ID thingies (I'm sure that's the technical term ) if you're interested.

    And may I ask how you actually got into the *B/DL scene?

    And finally, hope you enjoy it here =)

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    Hi! Welcome to ADISC,

    Good to see a fellow gamer joining the ranks, as stated above there is a sticky'd thread in the off-topic forum for your XBL gamertag (if you wish).

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

    Once again, welcome. Mind the rules and enjoy your stay!

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    No your introduction comparatively is pretty simple! It's pretty scary to say much of anything, if this is a new experience and exploring something that seems to be of interest.

    I'm sure others will want to get to know more of you, I will let them do the asking and inquiry. Hope you find this place a great way of introducing you to a very interesting pursuit for your life.

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    No, wasn't too specific. Xbox? what sort of xbox... solo or online? what kind of games?

    And what kind of arguments? We have many sorts of those here, about politics, religion, whether or not to tell parents, and how much, and whether it can ever be worth the risk... to site-specific things...
    Why, one, or maybe two even concern the rep system! Really! It's true!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Really! It's true!
    No its not!
    Welcome to the forums, enjoy your time here.

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    thanks for so many replies
    I play defence usually. I'm not really sure when I started (had feelings for diapers) but I found some in a closet and tried wearing them and have been hooked since.
    I do play online some, and I like most discussions they don't need to be specific.
    -everyone else
    Thanks for saying hi, hope to see you around. and I hope this isn't too long or in the wrong spot...

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    welcome i to like to argue... but i call it heated discussions ^_^ lol and yes i do mean the kind that no one is mad at each other cus it makes me feel bad when ppl are mad at me ^_^ welcome again

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    Welcome to the ranks. Xbox is sweet, I will agree with you there. Have fun here like all of us. Its always nice to find more gamers. Id give out my gamertag if I played online (I am a solo kind a guy). So how do you feel about the PS3 and Wii?

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    Hey welcome. I love soccer to (i play for a team) and im a gamer 2

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