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    This topic is a little sensitive, but i think we are all mature enough to handle it. For those that wear diapers a lot, pubic hair can turn into a messy ordeal. It can get really hard to clean up down there, especially having a BM in a diaper. I'm posting this to get out some common techniques and procedures in reducing pubic hair around the genitals. Whether it's a disposable razor, electric shavers or any other methods, please post about it. This is more for resource purposes. There was a thread related to this back on the "old" forum and i thought it was helpful, so i'm trying to start a new one here.

    For starters, i use my electric shaver (dont now what kind) with a trimmer attachment. Its easy up and around the penis, but when it comes to shaving the scrotum, im VERY cautious about it. I have nicked myself a few times down low and it can sting when i sit down, but with time i am perfecting my technique...and my bravery

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    whoops!! just found it in the off topic section...srry bout that....

    Mods, close this if you want, my bad!!

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    This always apply to the person who started their thread.

    You can close this topic yourself by clicking on Thread Tools, Close Thread, Submit. And it will be closed.
    You can also open it again.

    You can even copy and move it as well.

    At least give some mods a bit of time of work.

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