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Thread: Need help with video files

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    Default Need help with video files

    Okay so I recorded a few important videos with my sisters camera.

    They had great quality and uploaded to the computer fine.

    The problem is they won't play on Windows Media Player. They play fine on Quick Time, but I am trying to make a video using Windows Movie Maker, and I can't move them into the imported media files list. It gives me some stupid error >.>

    Any idea on what I can do?

    (i've already tried changing it's properties [what it opens with] and it doesn't work =\ )

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    What type of file is the video you took from the camera? Right-click it and go to properties. I'd assume it's .avi. If it's not playing with WMM you probably don't have the codec:

    avi codec for windows movie maker - Google Search

    Find the version you have and download the codec for whatever type of file the video you grabbed is. If it's not AVI then just search for whatever it tells you.

    Restart your computer after you install it and it should work.

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    It's .MOV

    And I'll try that thanks Blanch n_n

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    Oh! I see. Well it looks like that program doesn't work with .MOV at all, so you'll have to convert it to something else first. What a pain, right?

    How to do it:
    Convert MOV to AVI

    The app used in the how-to:
    RAD Video Tools Download | Software Category Audio & Multimedia - Video Tools

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