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Thread: Farting in diapers

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    Default Farting in diapers

    Maybe I'm strange in asking this but, does anybody else enjoy farting in diapers?

    I have to say that I find a heightened enjoyment farting in diapers as opposed to underwear. I just imagine that a diaper swells up like a balloon when the gas puffs out.

    It's crossed my mind several times, so I'm just putting it out there to see how nuts I am...

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    Er, i can see why someone would enjoy it, but personally i think it's a tad odd :P

    But i guess it feels nice just feeling the diaper "absorb" the fart, if you get me?

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    There is such thing as a fart fetish... If you like it THAT much...

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    No more onions or beans for you! That should solve the problem!


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    Uhhh...I'm not a fan, I guess. Unless someone's around to be annoyed by it, anyway. Then I giggle and hug them. lol

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    Since I am sometimes gassy at night it can be funny. It makes a weird sound than in regular pants and if I am standing up and just put powder in then you can feel the powder get puffed around. Great trick to either gross out or crack up your girlriend/wife/boyfriend/husband, wait till you got a good butt bubble brewing and put some babypowder on your buttchecks liberally, tell them you got a surprise, turn around and let er rip! You can get a good powder plume if done properly and with enough force. I got the idea from an episode of Americas Funniest Home Videos when a baby did it.

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    The nappy padding is actually quite useful when you're trying to hold one in but you're sitting on a smooth hard seat...but I probably shouldn't admit that.

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    Interestingly enough, I was thinking about this the other day!

    I had just farted at the time and was incredibly annoyed that it had no place to go. So, I guess I don't really enjoy it per se, but it is sort of amusing.

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    When I was younger, I remember wearing a really wet Depends brief and farting into it.. and enjoying the bubbling a little . But, I wouldn't really say I enjoy it, though I do like that it kind of muffles the sound a little.

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    I love it. It turns me on so much.

    edit: I hate how its so hard to be sarcastic online

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