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Thread: Facebook!

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    Default Facebook!

    Who has facebook here and is for normative human activities (aka, no ab-tb-dl references)?

    ^^ Unless people are scared of giving their real names...

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    I got one here if one of you leavs any adisc related comments on my page, I will track you down and kill you.

    (I'm the one on the left in my picture, the one on the right is "John Lennon")

    Edit: haha i made thw link stupid
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    Forgot to add mine.
    Removed link...
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    Well I have one...But I don't really want to add people I barely know/internet friends...

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    I think this was already discussed...but anyway...

    I have you can't have my user I don't do anything *BDL related on Facebook. Yes, I do have a few *BDL friends on my Facebook, but like me they're all about PRIVACY!

    The ONLY way I'd EVER use Facebook and randomly add *BDLs is if I used my *B DL name/email...which of course I don't do, 'cause it's bad enough using my real name (sort of) on there!

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    I'm alot less shy with ab/dl shit now but still too much so to give out my surname. I would to a few here that I trust but not to just anyone. I think I might make a facebook profile for this sort of stuff though

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    Shouldn't this be moved to Members only or something? Not to be paranoid, but people can read this thread without even signing in and load up peoples' facebook profiles

    I probably wouldn't add anyone from here as I keep my facebook for people I know in real life. If I met someone from here in real life however I would most definitely add them.. Otherwise, MSN messenger, the forums and IRC are more than enough for me

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    Yeah, I think it is a really bad idea to link to your facebook profile here. If you want to be facebook friends with another member, you should PM them. Keep in mind that even if only members can read the thread, ADISC has a lot more members than the people you see posting everyday. Anyone can join, and we don't know who they are.

    Putting aside the questionable practice of giving out your last name, a pic of yourself and your hometown all in one piece to just anyone on here, don't forget that you have a "wall" on facebook, and anyone can write anything on it, including "hi, so i saw u on that diaper site, you like diapers??????" And if you think nobody would be that dumb, a few years back I used to link from my diaper story site to my work/school website, with a note below the link telling people that this was a personal site that my friends and family could view. You would've thought that would've been enough to warn people NOT to write diaper references in the guestbook, but damn if they didn't do it anyway. I had to disable the guestbook and take the link off the diaper story site.

    To quote Jeff Foxworthy, "we just can't have nice things."

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    I dont care...
    I dunno why...
    I friend everyone and accept everyones invites...
    I just do...
    fine you got me with the wall thing...

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    I apprrove random people on facebook, I'm a friend whore lol. I dunno why I'm worried about giving out my surname and what not here, because I'd be really easy to find on facebook anyways. That's if anyone here has paid attention to all the stuff I've said about myself, but I dunno. I haven't made a good enough effort to keep it all confidential

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