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Thread: Is the Pursuit of happiness impossible?

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    Default Is the Pursuit of happiness impossible?

    I think it is.
    .As American you have the right to ‘Pursuit Happiness’. Problem with that is, everyone is different. Despite we are all 99.9 percent alike. We all have different perspectives of happiness.

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    Even though I think this is in the wrong forum, I think the pursuit is conpletly possible but Obtaining happiness is harder to come by, but still not saying impossible

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    The pursuit of happiness is not impossible, as we can all pursue happiness as much as we want. However, obtaining happiness is not as easy, and my own belief is that happiness isn't really a destination or at the end of some quest.

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    No - But To Finish The Pursuit Successfully Is, In My Opinion, Impossible.

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    Happiness is something that many seek, few can give, and even fewer will ever find.
    -Anonymous writer on a board in my high school Chemistry lab

    But that does not mean it is impossible to find?

    my basic opinion on "obtaining" happiness is that in order to be happy, you must allow yourself to be happy...choose to be happy...though that's more of an easier said than done type of's also probably more or a "first step" along the road of eventually finding your own happiness...

    It's also extremely idealistic...but hey, just my thoughts on the topic....

    I suppose also that maintaining that happiness through life would be even more difficult than simply finding it....happiness is more a fluid mental state than a solid point to sit can come and go as you come and go throughout life... All we can do is pursue happiness...then joyfully embrace it when we are given the chance.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I think there are powerful political groups that really don't like the idea of the pursuit of happiness. For instance, the Christian Right has gotten same-sex unions outlawed in 31 of the 50 states and their long-term goal is to get it outlawed in all 50 states, followed by the recriminalization of homosexual activity.

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    ...ou can prsue happiness all you like, but you cant catch it, happiness comes to you when you stop trying to chase it so feverishly.

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    [EMO]How do you pursue something that doesn't exist?[/EMO]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivia View Post
    The pursuit of happiness is not impossible, as we can all pursue happiness as much as we want. However, obtaining happiness is not as easy
    I agree, Olivia! Then again most things that are worthwhile are not easy to obtain!

    I think that the pursuit of happiness is very vague in nature. Personally I strive for doing things and pursuing endeavors that bring me personal satisfaction; things that motivate me to expand my horizons and challenge my complacency.

    Through these efforts there is a delineation of satisfaction resulting in happiness. To be happy is to receive satisfaction through achievement and accomplishment. Whether we are looking for a relationship, establishing a career, embarking on a journey or just lounging about, it is important that we strive towards goals that satisfy our needs. Once those needs are met, we are happy.

    Thus the pursuit of happiness is parallel to striving and gravitating towards what satisfies our short term needs while laying the foundation for the evolution of our long term goals and perceived needs.

    The pursuit of happiness is therefore not fruitless, but rather an arduous task that when guided by perspective and insight can be quite attainable, even if through great labor.

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    You can try to pursue happiness, it is possible, but I think that's all you can do. Happiness is something that everyone deserves, most find, but few keep; most find it at least once in their life, however, very rarely does that happiness last a lifetime, at least in my opinion.

    Happiness is something that finds you and I don't believe you can create happiness for yourself, but you can help create happiness for others; and I guess that's what's really important, at least in my opinion.

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