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Thread: RuneScape players still here ?

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    Default RuneScape players still here ?

    Since all the others are locked, anyone here still play ?

    It's a solid f2p MMO, and my best friend who lives like 40 minutes away from my house got me back in. I like it better than WOW, how if like you wanna change your fighting type you just go to your bank instead of making a whole new character. Post here i'd rather PM/AIM it over so it can't be connected with me.

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    Yea, just not a member anymore atm. Once I get membership I'm gonna start playing more.

    I want mah 99 range >.>

    Name is: xdeadx Fox

    I'll actually log on right now for a while.

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    Havent played in a while, but my rs name is Treevines, might start playing again soon
    Also, I'II admit I laughed quite a bit at the comment of rs being f2p... id say about 5% of it is, probably less xP

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    Yup, Oblivion xi1 is my username.

    Im a level 62 (I think) member.

    I think I will go on for a while, see if anyone want to hang out.
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    Man I haven't played that game in a while. When I did it consumed my life. I don't remember what my combat level was, but I think it was around 80. My best level which I spent months upon months working on was smithing. I got it up to level 92 and made about 20mill while doing it. I ended up quitting after I died with a bunch of expensive stuff on me. I pretty much died on purpose so I would get discouraged and quite. Haven't been on sense.

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    I haven't played in quite a few months either. Name is Mesmerale520.

    I know that I love how kick-ass the graphics are now (Or rather, how kick-ass they were before I stopped playing again).

    Maybe I'll get back into it...

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    I used to play, rather bored so stopped... I'm level 123(or 124) with a good 120m

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    I play occasionally. PM if you want my details, as I don't want to post them here. I'm not a very high level (total: 850-ish, Combat:47) however.

    I was a member until recently. My membership was going to run out, so I sold all my members items. And then... 2 days before it ran out... They introduced the new bank with seperate members/non-members space. And I threw out my Mark of Hazeel, which went well with my username (it looks like a Z, and my username's initials are ZZ).

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    I got a santa hat yo.

    And no you can't have it or my username!

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