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Thread: Veterans?

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    Default Veterans?

    I was wondering how many members of this forum are Vetrans. I served 4 years in the Marine Corps and am celebrating our 234th birthday today.

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    Not to be rude but this doesnt belong in the Adult Baby section, and you mis-spelt Veterans twice :P

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    Grape, next time, if you really feel a thread should be moved, post in the request forums, so you get mod attention.

    And as to the misspellings, he's a Marine, what do you expect? Everyone know Marines can neither read nor spell.

    Also, for those of you not in the know: Applebees is offering a free entree at their restaurants on Wednesday, Golden Corral is offering a free meal on the Monday following, and Super Cuts is giving away free haircuts. These offers apply to Active Duty, Reserve and Retirees.

    Honor, Courage, Commitment.

    Navy, 7+ years and counting.
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    moved to off-topic section, fixed typo in the name of the thread.

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    Navy 6 years Vietnam vet
    Served on minesweeps as a electrician mate.

    Any ship can be a mine sweep ONCE.
    Wooden Ships and Rusty Crusty Old Iron Men

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    Quote Originally Posted by anned View Post
    Navy 6 years Vietnam vet
    Served on minesweeps as a electrician mate.

    Any ship can be a mine sweep ONCE.
    Wooden Ships and Rusty Crusty Old Iron Men
    i like that, lol

    all im going to say is, im not a soldiering type. im not as strong, disciplined or as brave as you guys (id go as far to say that im abit of a coward, i.e i rn at the first sign of danger), thats why i stay out of the force and leae it up to those that are capable.

    despite all the screw ups some soldiers have commited (thoe torture photos comes to mind) to me it hasnt tarnished the standing that you forcemen have to me as people who are, at the very least willing to seperate yourselves from your families (specially those who hav been abroad) to fight for your country, or in times of disaster, you guys are the ones who help with relief, rescue and evacuation. for us in australia think of the efforts by soldiers to help rebuild ast timor, and help provide infrastructure to villagers in iraq and afganistan.

    dnno if it means much but. each time the people at legacy have been appealing for money i havent failed to donate, i may not wear the badge. because i didnt do it for some little badge, but as an opertunity to support those who, insome way, support us.

    personally, i havent had a immediate family member in the armyas far as i know since my great grandfather william (vasili in greek) when he fought in ww1. my grandfathers were too youngfr ww2 and having lived in greece they cared little for korea, and my dad was too yongto enlist in vietnam, and i was 2 at the tume of the gulf war. and im not enlisting in these wars.. so i dont see my family having any military history anytime soon

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