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Thread: Massive diaper test results in PDF (also pads, pullups, etc)

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    Post Massive diaper test results in PDF (also pads, pullups, etc)

    A huge list of diaper fits, capacity, speeds, etc. presumably created by the Minnesota Department of Human Services from the website it came from.

    I'm sure it'll come in handy from time to time.

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    Lol, yet another reason for me to like Minnesota.

    Nice find, Woxxy. Thanks

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    Dang, not bad! Minnesota knows their diapers man!

    Thanks for this!

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    After living there for several years, I found Minnesota to be very caring and compassionate towards its disabled citizens. And that little PDF report is just a tip of the iceberg. I deeply regret having to leave that state. Perhaps some of you should take a visit, and see what they really to offer. I think it will amaze you. But be warned: You might not want to go back home!


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    lol, very useful PDF, but I've got to say, this state is probably no different in terms of caring or knowing about diapers than any other state in the US.

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    Its better than a lot of other places, the-ownage. You can go to any pharmacy and get what you need just by showing the prescription slip, and Medicaid will pay for it. Where I'm at, there is only one source for Medicaid supplies. They don't ship discretely, and you can only get low-grade products. If you want anything better, you have to pay for them yourself. Big difference. Stick with Minnesota. It's a keeper.


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