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    hi i guess i should make a welcome post now... some may already know me from the chat others dont at all... i am a DL slowly becomeing more and more of a AB i wear bambinos and enjoy every min of it... i also like metal music seen slipknot, sabbith with ozzy. and rob zombie 2 times disterbed iron madin korn street sweeper social clob one time... i like swords and starves and thats about it

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    Hey speedcat, good to see you on the forums. Hope you enjoy your time here!

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    Hey whats up. Always nice to find someone who is into metal. I love CoF, CoB, In Flames, Fear Factory, and yes Dragonforce . I have found that this place is one of the better support communities out there for our thing. Well I am an IC but I like to surround myself with people who can relate, give advice, and of course ab/dl's are experts on incontinence products, something that is new to me. I applaud your interest and everybody here's. Have fun here and make friends

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    Sweet, another metal head. We should start up some more music discussion says me.

    Anyways, welcome man. You got some pretty solid tastes in music there. I hope you dig it here man, post muchly and have fun out there.

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    Welcome to ADISC! In music I am a one sided person with rap.

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    Even though I'm one of those who have chatted with you already, welcome here. Glad you're already so active.

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