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    Does anyone have or know where to obtain 'adult' sized bottles, as well as [adult sized] nipples, or even a nipple adapter for like a 1 or 2 liter pop bottle or similar type of bottles?

    I did a search for a topic pertaining to this but couln't find anything, so forgive me if I somehow missed it ...

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    Bottle adapters ARE available, so you can search for one of those. I can't remember where I saw it off the top of my head as it was so very very long ago, but I figure a carefully termed search would find you what you are looking for.

    Be prepared to shell out an awkward amount.

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    I got one many years ago from an AB friend, so I have no clue where he got it from in the first place.

    As for adult sized nipples...our pharmacies sell that weird huge NUK nipple. I have to dig out the ordering information some time - it's been >5 years since I've bought one since I prefer the new type of wider bottles nowadays for which the oversized NUK nipples cannot be used.


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    It's possible to get an NUK 5 bottle nipple that fits on most standard bottles. It's made by the same people who make the NUK 5 pacifier. I you enter 'adult baby bottle' on google, quite a few come up. I got mine on ebay. Just had a quick look on there, and there only seems to be one at the moment, in Australia.

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    I can barely finish my normal baby bottle... I usually get full near the end. And the nipple feels just right to me.

    An adult baby bottle? Dear lord. I could never finish it. And I'm a fat kid! That's saying something.

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    lmao they sell adaptors in safeway where i live it was a adaptor to make "water bottles" in to bottles and they run $5 it will fit any standered nipple... i love nersing a 2L of tea

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    Veterinary supply stores sell a half gallon calf bottle with a long (6") rubber nipple. Well under $10.
    baby tammy

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    Default sell baby bottles with a big nuk nipple. The bottle it's self is marked up to 340ml, and can probably take 400ml filled to the brim.

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    some Gatorade and Sobe bottles can be fitted with standard babt nipples. Maybe you can try that

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