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Thread: Is is possible to stop wearing diapers for good?

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    Default Is is possible to stop wearing diapers for good?

    I have been wearing diapers every night for almost 3 years now. I have been wetting in my sleep for at least 2 years. I thought this was great, because I love the feel of cloth diapers and plastic pants. But 3 months ago I started dating the girl of my dreams and we both are sure this is it for both of us!! My mother said that I have to tell her about my diapers before we get to serious. 3 weeks ago I started to go to bed without my diapers, trying to stop. I wet the bed every night. My mother even tried to help me by waking me up at different times to go to the bathroom. Everytime she woke me up (as early as only 2 hours after going to bed), I was already either totally wet or damp. Last night she came into my room at bedtime and said I have to go back to diapers because my room is starting to smell bad and although she does't mind washing my cloth diapers, she hates the extra laundry of my wetting my bed.

    I don't want to have to tell my girlfriend about my diapers, I would be very embarrassed and afraid she would not want me anymore. WHAT CAN I DO? I wore them last night and woke up with very wet diapers this morning. Can someone give me some advise? Is there any way of getting over the desire to wear diapers and wetting them or the bed without them? My girlfriend is wanting to get closer to me but I am trying to keep a distance until this is over. I am sure she is wondering why I am acting like this. Please help!!!

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    One way to get over the desire, is to substitute it for something else that's most likely time consuming. (Ex: concentrating on school, job, a video game, or just find something to pass the desire.) I believe though that the desire truely never goes away if you're a DL, it can only be repressed. As for wetting the bed you have to train yourself through not drinking before bed, going to the bathroom before bed and mabye goinwith Goodnights or something that doesn't feel as diaperish, since the psychological effect can make you wet the bed.

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    As far as I know its not possible to completely rid yourself of the urge. Your stuck with it forever, its set in stone. As for bedwetting you could ask your doctor about DDAVP (I think), it reduces the amount of urine produced at night. There are other pills you can take but I don't know them.

    The desire will never stop, and if you get serious with her your going to have to tell her eventually. You might as well tell her soon as not to hurt your relationship.

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    Well it's clear that you really do need them. As for getting over the desire of liking them, you might have to face the facts that it's more than likely something that you won't rid feelings of. If she doesn't accept you of it though, then maybe she might not really be the person for you. As for your bedwetting, well it's possible that you could never stop wetting the bed, but it's also possible for you to stop it. As a previous bedwetter, I can give you some tips, that may help, but you probably won't see results for months.

    1. Don't drink for at least an hour or 2 before bed.
    2. When you feel the need to go, try to hold it. This will help to stretch your bladder. Don't over do this though, as you can cause kidney damage.
    3. Use the restroom immediately before going to bed.
    4. If you have to, wake up during the night and use the restroom (I didn't do this, but it'll help to keep the bed dry if you haven't gone in it yet.

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    Hi Billy,

    A couple things I want to bring up here:
    1. It sounds as though you have just now(?) developed a bed wetting issue, due to un-training yourself at night. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like a new issue. You are taking some of the good routes already (scheduled wake-ups, going to the bathroom right before you fall asleep, holding back on liquids in the evening, etc). However, it sounds like you have now developed some sort of (at least minor) dependency for diapers at night.

    2. I'll be honest, if getting rid of night time wetting is tough, getting rid of the desire to wear diapers is virtually impossible for most of us. This is especially true if you have been this way most of your life. For most of us, we didn't choose our passion/obsession for diapers; it just sort of... chose us. This is likely to be a part of you for a long time, possibly your whole life. If you aren't comfortable not wearing diapers to bed now, will you be comfortable not wearing them when you're with this person.

    I'm no expert on relationships, but it seems to me that you want to spend your life with someone who is going to love you and respect you, quirks and all. I know it's hard, but if this truly has been a part of your life, then it's going to come up at some point or another. You may be in a 'purge' period right now, but what happens when the cycle shifts back towards wanting to wear? Would you be happier without diapers? If that is honestly the truth, then it might be easier. If not, well, then sorry, but I just don't know if a person can truly 'rid' themselves of this fixation.

    My advise at this point? Fess up to it, but play it off as though it isn't a huge part of who you are for now. For now, I would recommend not mentioning it, and when it comes up that you wet the bed/wear diapers at night, just tell her that you have a problem with bladder control (which from the sounds of it is absolutely legitimate). If she truly loves you, she'll understand. Love should conquer bed wetting . As things get more serious, and you're more 'together,' well, then you can consider taking things a step further toward revealing your *BDL desires. Not too soon though, just when it feels right.

    Hope this helps. Best of luck here man .

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    It is true that I have loved wearing diapers since I was very young. And my mother didn't help by her "babying" me by diapering me all these years (I think her lonelyness over my dad leaving us years ago caused her to want to please me this way because she knew I loved it). But I never wet in my sleep until, as I said, a couple of years ago. I would always wake up before wetting them at night until I had worned them every night for a year.

    I just don't know what to do. My girlfriend is very sweet and I think she would except me about the diapers, but I don't want to hurt her with something like this. I know it would be very hard to give the diapers up, but I am willing to do it if I have to. But getting over the bedwetting could be a problem.

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    A lot of girls (in my experience) are really understanding, and accepting. If you really love her, and she really loves you, you will trust her with your secret, and she will be okay with it.

    Love is trust...

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    Um yeah, I don't think I could help you much on stopping the bed wetting part. SI just got over it after a long time, but if you're having the problem becuase of you wearing diapers, then I guess you just got to retrain yourself.

    As for shaking your urge to wear diapers, good luck man. Spent a year and a half feeling bad about liking diapers and surpressing it, but no dice. It's something that's better to accept, just make sure that you have healthy limitations what you put into your life, ya know?

    Also, if you and this girl are super close, I'm sure she'll accept you for who you are and help you through stuff that's bugging you, otherwise maybe it ain't the best relationship anyways. That sounds like a downer I guess. Sorry, I hope whatever you do works out for the best though.

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    If you want to stop wetting the bed you might want to buy an alarm. It sounds like you untrained yourself so you should be able to re-train. As for giving up diapers completely, probably not. Lots of people try to suppress their fetish and can even succeed for years but they usually re-lapse. Or find something else to replace it. It will probably be something equally bizarre. Tellin her now would be a lot less shocking than telling her after you have been married a few years. Some poor bastard on DailyDiapers did that and now his wife does not trust because he lied to her for years.

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