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    ...just got done. Was a great feeling, even wet three times. Live on a dimly lit street with a car coming by about every five minutes. Went to a drug mart a town over earlier, got a 20pk a maximum medium depends and also a pair of duro-med medium pull on pants which I thought I'd never see in these type stores. Got home, put two depends on which I'm still in plus the pull-on pants. Girl at the check out counter even snuck a "depend $1 off" coupon.

    ...had them under my jeans. It was pretty dark with just lights on front porches for light. Even had the neighborhood women's walking club stroll by.

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    I agree that doing chores while padded makes the experience that much more tolerable! I'm not a fan of raking leaves; I'm more of a "dust/vacuum/mop the entire house" kinda guy. I can guarantee you though, that if the chore is in need of completion, I will be doing it whilst in a nappy!

    Congrats on your find at the store, and what nice customer service for the cashier to hook you up with a coupon! Hehe

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    Thanks to the higher than normal winds I have no leaves to rake up or blow away this year, the small amout I did have I cut them up with my garden tractor.

    I do like to ride my garden tractor while diapered, last time out I had an abena xplus and a pair of rubber pants, while I cut the leaves to shreds.

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    Fall chores are great diapered! I wear my coveralls due to the cold and the neighbors are none the wiser as to whats underneath.

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    Vacuuming the house diapered is so much more enjoyable. I've been doing it for years. I also have done a few outdoor chores the same way.

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