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    Okay, so my current laptop is a Gateway M-1617. Now, I don't know that much about internal stuff and upgrading it and whatnot. My question is, can you even replace video cards and whatnot in laptops? If so, what would be a good one to put in this thing, and what else should I upgrade if need be.

    Follow up question:
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    No you can not. The only laptops I have ever seen with swapable video cards are in the $8000 range and thats not what you have. If you want a cheap upgrade get more RAM. its good to have 2GB to 4GB nowadays.

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    Damn. Well...What would be a recommended laptop then? I probably won't upgrade for another year, since this one is only about 2 years old (I think), but if I were to get a new one now, what would be good for gaming, and editing (pictures/videos)?

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    I've been happy with my Macbook Pro. I got a pretty good deal on it used. New ones would be a bit pricey, but they seem to maintain their value better than any other brand. If you are dead set on Windows because of the gaming if something seems to not ever have a release date for Mac, you could always dual-boot a Windows OS on it. Best of both worlds.

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    For games and speed for a good price, get a desktop. windows 7 is great! been using the beta for a few months now and I love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    For games and speed for a good price, get a desktop. windows 7 is great! been using the beta for a few months now and I love it.
    I've decided that I'm done with desktops. I like the versatility and travel ability of laptops. I'm fine with Vista, but any new computer will more than likely have Windows 7 (assuming it's not a Mac)

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    If your getting a computer for gaming, laptops are a bad choice. They are portable and stuff but even gaming laptops don't give very good performance (and they're expensive). I have never seen a laptop that you can easily upgrade graphics cards, sound cards, network cards, ect on before. As pamperchu said, they are expensive.

    Seriously though, desktops own laptops in every way save portability. You can build your own decent gaming PC for 5 or 6 hundred bucks easy, and then you can upgrade it more when the time comes.

    Even changing out the RAM for laptops required me to take out the keyboard (in 11 steps) whereas with a pc you pop open the side, take the old out, put the new in. Simple as that. You also can get larger screen for PCs, or even a wide screen TV if you get the right adapter. Plus multiple screens, plus better performance and no worry about batteries. PCs own Laptops.

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    Well it's not going to be intense gaming. I mean, just something that can play at least Sims 2 (or maybe 3), but not much more than that.

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    Oh, well I have attempted to run the sims 2 on my laptop. Thats not an advanced game anymore. The sims will run okay on a laptop with decent stats. Okay meaning not perfect but more or less than satisfactory. You wont be able to upgrade it for any future games and you will have to get the ram upgraded to at least 2 gigs (For vista and 7) for it to run with any smoothness at all.

    I was talking about the Sims 2, here are the sims 3 System Requirments. So your initial question the answer is no, you cant without spending major cash.

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