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    Hey, i was just thinking, when i move out and live in my own place it would be amazing ordering stuff online, doing what ever i want.

    Yet it hit me, i won't be working two days a week, i will be working 5 days a week and possibly not be home when the package arrives.

    My question is, how do you receive the package whilst at work? Would you ask them to leave it somewhere?

    I ask because i recently brought a new computer mouse on amazon because my one had broken (although it works now :@) and they attempted to deliver it 3 times. The first two i wasn't home, and my sister was at the doctors/to lazy to get out of bed. On the third day (today) i was out having a hair cut, came home to see it just outside my door. I gave them permission to do that though.

    So yea, would you feel comfortable them leaving a big package outside your front door? Or what do you do?


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    I'm not sure how it is in England, but for most packages, they'll just leave it on your porch or whatever if you live in a house. In an apartment, they'll either leave it in front of your door, or leave a slip for you to pick it up. They might also leave it at a front desk in like a dorm. Also it depends on what the package is. If it's something expensive, important, or maybe electronic, you'll have to sign for it, and if you're not there so many times, you'll have to pick it up. I think the size of the package might also determine if you either have to sign for it, or if they'll drop it off or you have to pick it up. That being said, for something like diapers, they'll probably just leave it. Like I said though, I don't know how different it is in England, but there's probably the same basic idea...

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    If it's being shipped by Royal Mail (or Parcelforce), the generally tend to leave a slip saying that they tried to deliver it. You can then either arrange a re-delivery, or arrange to pick it up at a local Post Office.
    If your shipping by courier, it depends entirely on the couriers policy, although most tend to try to re-deliver the packages automatically. After a set period of time, if the package still hasn't been delivered, they return it to the seller.
    Remember - if you do want your stuff left outside your front door, just type into the 'spceial requests' box at checkout - they are under no obligation to do this though, and from personal experience, only Parcelforce seems to take note of the special delivery instructions.

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    Attempted delivery slip here, saying which post office to pick it up at. I know UPS has a depot where you can p/u undelivered stuff. I would call the shipper and ask what their policy is, and ask the vendor which shipper they use.

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    I haven't had an issue really, they always just leave it outside my door. I always try to make sure I order them to be delivered around a time where I wont be away for a few days, which I do a lot. If I know I'm not going anywhere overnight for maybe a week to 10 days or so, I'll make the order. Never had a problem with ordering diapers or other stuff. However on an unrelated note, one time my parents sent me some Omaha Steaks, but they were delivered when I was away for a few nights. They were not there when I got home, I'm guessing someone saw what they were and said to themselves "sweet, expensive steaks" and swiped them. Never happened with diapers though thankfully.

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