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Thread: Your most epic fail moment

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    Little ollie

    Default Your most epic fail moment

    Come on tell us about your most epic fail moments.

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    Hmmmm- most epic fail.

    I've got one. (Short version) I backed my truck (which was loaded with boxes so my rear view was obscured) into the front of a car that was right behind me, as I was leaving a parking lot. Cratered the front of her car. I called my insurance company ( who I had been with for about 16 years) and the nice lady tells me that "I can't find any record of that policy".

    O.O Oh-Shit

    I got this rush of adrenalin feeling, "UMMM- can you check AGAIN?" Not there.
    Thankfully the police officer chose not to write a ticket, and my insurance card WAS in date (just the policy didn't exist is all)

    I had not paid the premium (mistakenly, in my mind I had) and the policy had expired oh- about 5 months prior. SO- I got to spend about $3500 ($2000 her car- $1500 mine) getting repairs done.

    Epic Fail.

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    Oh god..

    I was out with a friend, just at this local lake. A "Friend" claimed there was a boat there, hidden, so we went off looking for it. I thought we reached the point my friend described, so me being me i looked around and couldn't see anything. In front of me was a "puddle" so for some reason i thought I'd jump over it and have a look.

    SO, stupid me, i jumped over and it was practically sewage, it was this horrible mud that gathered at the side of the lake. It stank of "shit" excuse my language, and near enough came up to my neck :\

    I had to cycle home, all my clothes covered in this disgusting mud stuff, and when i got home i had about 3 showers. Then called the friend i was with, begging him not to tell anyone at school.

    But as you could guess, he couldn't resist. I walked into science the next day, having people laugh at me calling me "shit swimmer"... God that was one horrible month, trying to explain to girls i sat near that he was lying, trying to laugh it off etc..

    Epic fail right?

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    I once slammed my own head in a car door... though I'm almost impressed by that. You really gotta catch yourself off guard to pull that kind of thing off.

    Another one is that I was doing a show once, like play music in front of my school, and we're doing Deer Dance by System of a Down. We get to the last chorus, and I climb up on this table and start rocking out, but when I jump off to rock the last breakdown, my patch chord got ripped out and there was only awful feedback. It was pretty terrible.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My most epic fail was back in 1993. My dissociative disorder was not yet treated to the extent that it is now, so I was still having chunks of time that would just mysteriously disapppear. So... One of these times happened while I was driving. One moment I was in control of the car and the next moment the car was totalled from hitting a van. Apparently I has run a red light too. But I have no memory of the accident, only the before and after.

    The only thing that saved me from getting investigated by the police or by the insurance company was that the weather was pretty rainy and the van was grey. So I said I didn't see it. That was a lie of course. If I had told the truth the MVA probably would have yanked my license for medical reasons.

    No one got hurt. But it really scared the crap out of me.

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    Mine ended my life as I once knew it, I got my leg caught up in some machinery, thru no falt of my own, but the bright side is I have enough money to last the rest of my life now.

    I limp a little, took 11 years to get rid of the crutches and braces, but other than some pain I'm kinda OK.

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    Mine would be when i was on my way to croke park (bring stadium in Dublin) and the usal way we walk you could see it over the top of the houseing... Little did I know we had taken a different route and while I was searching for the stadium I walk straight into a lamp post infront of a crowd of people... Then I found out the stadium was behind me

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    Y'Know Between The Car Doors, There's A Pole Like Bit? Well... I Wrapped My Arm Around It To Get In The Car, Like Every Other Day, And My Mum Slams The Back Door Shut. >_<

    My Arm Survived It, Though. xD

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    my new computer system a couple of weeks ago, got all new components and then it wouldnt even boot to bios

    turns out the mobo was falty

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    Butterfly Mage


    Oh... Also had a dissociative episode that involved me blanking out with my laptop on the hood of my car. I regained awareness just in time to see it slide down the rear window and onto the highway at 65 MPH

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