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Thread: What's your most favourite dish in the whole wide world?

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    Default What's your most favourite dish in the whole wide world?

    What's your most favourite dish in the whole wide world? My favourite dish has to be rosti. I remember when i was about 5 having it to eat up a mountain in Switzerland and from that moment on its been my favourite dish.

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    Cheese Potato Pie.

    Basically, bake potatoes, add cheese to them, then mash the potatoes and cheese together and throw it in the oven.

    So good.

    That or a nice thick crust pepperoni and cheese pizza. <3

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    I really don't know, but lately I've just loved jacket potato with cheese and lots of butter

    5 minutes in the micowave, 40-60 in the oven, b e a utiful

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    Steak. Medium rare. Nuff said.

    Or maybe not enough said. I vividly remember making the best breakfast of all time early last year, that was pretty sweet. Just some bacon and eggs, but there was something freakin magical about it. Also, Kraft Dinner, which I think is the only meal universally liked by every person who has tried it. It ain't classy, it's ain't fancy, but it always delivers.

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    Seafood alfredo. Mmmmmmm....

    Other than that I would have to say thick pepperoni pizza with extra meat toppings as thats a bit more readily available. Im hungry now...

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    cheese + potato pie is mine... *drools*

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    I'm going to piggyback off of Slang's answer here:

    a nice, marbled New York Strip; cooked medium; with a giant sweet potato and green beans!


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    I can eat turkey everyday of the week, in fact I eat turkey every day of the week.

    Thanksgiving has got to be my most favorite holiday meal.

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    Summer Squash and Stuffing casserole. *drools* That or rare beef curry with rice. Mmmmm......

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