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Thread: Most embarrasing moment?

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    Default Most embarrasing moment?

    Have you ever had one of those moments that was just so totally embarrasing you couldnt repeat it to anyone? Now is your chance to spill your guts and tell everyone.

    I was visiting home one day (4 hours drive to and from) for the weekend to see parents and friends. As my mother kinda sorta likes to do washing i bought with me a massive load for her to do. After i got home from being out all day seeing sister and other friends, she comes down to the room im staying in and gives me a pair of washed and folded plastic pants that i somehow managed to get into my regular washing pile and forgot about. Thankfully nothing more was ever said of it and i doubt she would have any idea about the secrets i hold.

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    I was once up a hill with cadets We got fired on, and had to bug out, as I was running down the hill I fell flat on my face and made the rest of the way down said hill on my tummy

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