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Thread: moved out of my moms

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    Default moved out of my moms

    well I moved out of my moms house a few weeks ago. I can say it is nice to be out on my own now but it is a little odd. things are a little ruff so far but are getting better. bad thing right now is I don't have internet yet at least not till friday. I'm getting charter cable.

    I will post some pics of my place soon

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    Lucky, wish I had the cash to move out of my parents place.

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    Yeah, I just moved out a few months back. As soon as I was done high school I was all about getting out of Dodge, ya know? Live in a small town for your whole life and you get bored fast. It's nice to be away from home though. Sure you're gonna miss it (like having meals cooked and such), but the independance is freeing, plus it's cool to know that you're going places in your life. Might be up, might be down, but I like that any motion is a good thing. So congrats on getting out man, hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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    Well I just got my internet hooked up. I went with cable. Seems good so far

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    Nice! I'm still living at home myself, but as much as I love my mum (and as much as I will miss her and her cooking), I can't wait to get out of here. It probably sounds stupid... but I look forward to having my own shopping to do, my own bills to pay, my own house to clean etc. And I'm sure she can't wait to get rid of me either

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    When you move away from where you lived most of your life it is hard to adjust, you have to get used to being alone, you have to do without some the things you had and took for granted at home, like your meals or your laundry etc.

    You do get used to it, just be careful make sure the bills are paid before you go spending money on yourself because you want something you think you deserve it.

    Keep the roof over your head and keep yourself fed and healty, and think about getting things slowly instead of instantly like you were used to at home, once you get your life running smoothly you will find out it was the best thing you ever did for your independance.

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    Here is what my Internet speeds are

    And here are some pics

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    im getting a picture fail

    just give it a month or two and life will hit you hard in the kinda going through this period right now, but life's still good! Good luck!

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    The reason my house looks so empty is I dont have all my stuff yet, but if i fail which I dont plan to my mom said I could move back

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