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    Today has been hectic with people in cars. I have seen one of my friends supposedly get stopped by the police, another get into a severe accident in which the whole top of her car was taken off (she is okay), and right in front of my house a collision between a car and a kid with a motorcycle occurred. Since I did see the kid limping and grabbing his back a lot, I had decided to call the Non-Emergency Police to send someone to the scene anonymously and they recommended that the kid should go to the hospital. I didn't get involved but I was very concerned on the kid's behalf since he was limping with some pain and the mom was just standing there. I felt that I did the right thing, and now I want to ask if you have done anything good over the past uhh 6 months that you believe that you did the right thing to assist one in need.

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    I helped a girl out of the thick crowd in a concert. She was extremely intoxicated with either drugs or alcohol or both, and people were starting to take advantage of her. I led her out of the crowd and she said she wanted to go back in. I said sure and turned her around, and then around again so we were still leaving the crowd. She didn't notice, and I brought her to a security guard.

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