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Thread: Favorite... Ice Cream!

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    Default Favorite... Ice Cream!

    I scream for ice cream... Do you?

    My favorite is cookie dough. *drool*

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    Only ever had it once, but Candy Cane ice cream is pretty sweet. I also dig bubble gum, cause, ya know, it's chewey ice cream. I dig the contrast. But really, all ice cream is good, right? Like, everything except Tiger Tiger is pretty much excellent. Tiger Tiger is just wrong actually. No food should be striped.

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    Mint chocolate chip
    runner up: Chai/Chai Tea Ice Cream

    though I am sure they would actually go damn good together.

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    Cookie dough is pretty good.

    Though I like butterscotch, or rum'n'raisin.

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    With Ice Cream, It goes like this:
    1st. Vanilla Ice Cream with Orange Sherbet
    2nd. Whitehouse Cherry or Black Cherry
    3rd. Neapolitan

    However with soft-serve, I like a nice tangerine or peach swirled cone.

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    Ive never tried the more adventurous flavours so I'll just say Chocolate.

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    Vanilla nuff said. *stoic pose*

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    There is a coffee flavored ice cream with toffee chips. Ben & Jerry makes one, and I found and off brand at Ralph's. that's my favorite, otherwise I'll look at sweets in general, and say *bah*

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    Mint chocolate chip, Anything caramel, Cookies and Cream, Vanilla with lots of stuff on it (chocolate chip, chocolate syrup, cookies, ect) Are my favourites. But it still depends on whatever is available...

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    Banana! Especially when it's mixed with chocolate of some kind (except white chocolate eww *shiver*).

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