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Thread: How nosy are your parents?

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    Little ollie

    Default How nosy are your parents?

    How nosy are you parents do they just leave you alone or do they bug you to tell them things or are they extermly nosy and go though your post and everything.

    My mother is a bit nosy but i can easily get her to go away so shes not too bad.
    My dad couldn't care less so thats good.

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    They search my name on Google and read papers I throw in the garbage.

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    I'm very lucky really, my parents pretty much leave me alone.

    They don't even ask about what I've got in my safe (I doubt they want to know either!). Or if I go out down town or something, they don't ask too many questions.

    They wouldn't go through my post (is that legal?), but they always ask what it is. So maybe they are a little nosey, but not unusually nosey.

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    My parents are reasonable with my privacy, unless I act as if I'm doing something suspicious. I'm a terrible actor in that regard, they can always sense when I'm up to something. They're blissfully unaware of my internet activities, not that they have the know-how to check on my internet history. They definitely do not read my mail, if large package arrives at our doorstop addressed to me they'll ask what it is until they get a satisfactory answer. I can go out with whomever and wherever I like seeing as I keep in contact with them daily, pretty common sense stuff really.

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    My mom doesn't snoop, however that is due to the fact that I tell her what she wants to know. I volunteer the information, so it's not like prying teeth for her. If I go shopping, I show her what I bought, if I get a package, I tell her what it is (usually, lol). She knows my friends, if she doesn't like them she lets me know and I usually end things on my own terms. When it comes to the computer, that's my business, she doesn't try to find out at all. I have a lock on my door, so she can't exactly go through my room.

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    They'll ask questions here and there bur for the most part leave me alone.

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    My parents seem to go through stints where there are super nosy(for all of you that remember my Advice? thread on tbdl) But recently they have been really laid back about my privacy.

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