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Thread: are you an artist?

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    Default are you an artist?

    i draw but i only have uploaded on picture, a cat i named murphey

    murphy by ~r4di0sensitive on deviantART

    tell me what you think pwetty pwease

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    It's all right. It probably won't land you any job or anything, but it's not bad.

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    Misc Gallery from freshman year to junior year (so some stuff is crap) :
    MistyVamp1111's Gallery

    T-shirt designs,logos, and characters
    Raggdoll1993's Gallery

    Personal website

    i do commissions if you ask nicely

    as for the drawing, its okay...i mean its a doodle. Do a still life or someting, its hard to tell artistic ability based on a doodle. However, murphey is a cute kitten.

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    Yes I am an artist, though I seriously need to update my Deviantart account and post my artwork up (i've been so tied up with commisions, and my computer had the bluescreen of death for about 3 months, plus I still gotta keep practicing and post up my art & I need to ink it). Here's my DA account: BlueSnow-88 on deviantART

    I might put some diaperart on either here or FTT. On a sidenote I've never drawn furry art but if anyone wants me to I guess I could give it a try. I'm not a fur, but FurAffinity's a pretty awesome site .

    Btw I love all the artwork that's been posted here and on DA (it's awesome!). R4dioSensitive, CuriosityKitten, and Point Blanch I love your art. I'm still laughing at Point Blanch's though, i love the artstyle and it reminds me of Graphic Design Art that I keep on seeing

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    wow... nobody really comments on my art, I thank you sir =3

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    No prob man, anytime! What can i say I love furry art (though I'm not exactly a fur) and I think you've got the art style down really good.

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