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Thread: Padded girl=Public Property?

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    Default Padded girl=Public Property?

    Ok, perhaps this will sound like a rant at first but please understand I want a legit answer.
    Dose this community as a whole see every female that is inside it as their own personal sexual toy?
    I hate to say it but I have started to get very upset when I cannot make a single new friend that does not want to know if my diaper is wet and if they can change me. Even after I tell everyone that I am in a very happy relationship with my own “well known” diapered boy.
    So what part of my being willing to wear a diaper makes me free fodder for every sexist, horny, perv? I am not saying by any means that everyone in this community is one of these things, but it sure seems that it is the only reason any guy has ever asked me to be their friend unless they were friends with DarkFinn First.
    I understand that I am not your normal Diapered Girl. Though I have at least 6 cyber stalkers that are all from this community and a few that found me through this site. I get so sick and tired of 20 to 30 IMs, Emails, or posts to my blog or threads asking if I have shit myself or, if I play with myself when I am wet.
    What makes people think that it is their business what I do, say, or feel if I do not offer them that information? I do not post that sort of thing on any of my threads, blog post, or anything else… Why would I tell a complete stranger?
    Please let me know what those of us girls can do to not seem to be “asking for it”.
    I understand that the ratios that you see are of far more guys then girls, though I hate to tell everyone I know Tons of girls that refuse to get online about this because of these people. You would have more Ladies to chat with if these Pervs would quit acting like they have never seen a female before, and keep their fapping to themselves.

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    Believe me, apart from the few pervs out there this community sees you and other padded girls as friends, not 'sex toys'...
    If it keeps happening to you report them, or directly tell a mod, unfortunately thats the best you can do. May i suggest only adding people above 200 posts? Or only people with positive rep, or who have been here longer than a few months? Or better yet, dont add people via incoming request, only ever add them yourself :P

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    You haven't added me yet. I honestly don't care if you diaper is wet... only if mine is. LOL

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    I think you nailed the problem already. You're a rare breed. The interest you have with wearing diapers just happens to be the fetish that every male on this site has.

    I really feel sorry for you, and the other women here that found this site, and joined for support, and friendship, only to be seen by some of the male users as a sexual object because you enjoy an *bdl lifestyle that is rarely experienced in real life, and more rarely held in real form by most of the guys here. I believe that adds to the fantasy for some guys; wanting that which is hard to find, or get. I guess the actual connection between yourself, and the hard-%!*#'s that PM, or chat with you is probably the fulfillment of part of the fantasy for them. "OMG!!! I chatted wif a REAL DG!!!!!" fapfapfapfap

    I really wish those dudes could see what their advances look like from the other end, or from a 3rd party perspective. Too much blood flowing to the wrong head, I guess.

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    The good part about ADISC is that damn near every guy on here is either gay or is being taken to Pound Town in #adisc, so we don't have that issue...

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    It does pretty much come across as a rant. Unfortunately, I don't think there's any basis for dialog. Do you expect the people who have treated you this way to have a sudden epiphany as a result of your thread or even to attempt to rationally explain to you why you should be endlessly subject to their unwelcome attentions? All you're left with is those who are sexually not interested or have a sense of decency and self-control and we're not your problem.

    The behavior you describe is taking place in private. Community shaming and standards can help when we see it happening out in public, but I keep a pretty good eye on the forum and I can only recall one questionable post in the last couple weeks along those lines. That behavior is not publicly sanctioned. Privately, bad behavior still continues, and I'm sorry for all of you that it does. I understand why women avoid coming online, but those who hide make it harder for those who don't. You're always going to have some people like this. I've even gotten communications like you describe, and if they can hit me up like that, anyone can get it. It's completely wrong and unfair that you're treated this way, but aside from all of us calling people on it when we see it, I'm not sure what we can do to fix it.

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    Some guys are just perverted. It's not only with the *b/dl community but all around. There are guys out there whom every time they see a woman all they think is "ohh vagina". It's a sad fact of life and something that just can't be helped. Just ignore the perverted people, their idiots.

    Not all humans fully evolved.

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    Wait a minute...Girls aren't objects and built for my sexual desires? This just completely ruins my perspective.

    Anyways, it sucks that you have that many people like that after you. One thing you should realize though, is that this fetish is ruled by men, so you're definitely going to have plenty of horny guys, and unfortunately many think that just because a girl is into the fetish, they'll go along with what the guy wants. It's just something that you're going to have to deal with, with being open about something sexual like this fetish, whether you feel the same way or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyGrizzy View Post
    The good part about ADISC is that damn near every guy on here is either gay or is being taken to Pound Town in #adisc, so we don't have that issue...
    Uhh, that's all of the people you know. We got some of everything here at, I am sure Luvsgirl has got hit on here and elsewere by "creeps". She's doing nothing wrong and she never advertises herself as available. What needs to happen is that guys need to get their head on straight and when a girl says no she actually means no. I can myself admit I am envious of Darkfinn but I know better then to bark at a woman who is already happy and content with the guy she is with.

    These sorts of guys need to get their dicks back inside their pants and get back to normal real life dating and if they have the same girlfriend for 6 months or so then its pretty much time to tell them about yourself and explain the situation, etc.. you know.. all the stuff that Darkfinn himself did.

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    Is this actually a serious question? Or are you just annoyed, because apparently, many males are disgusting pigs and anonymity removes the small amount of inhibition they had about it?

    Do some men view women as property that needs to be in the kitchen cooking their meals for them while they are on the way home from work? Sure. I think that is plainly obvious. Some women see men as stupid gorillas that process information only through the lens of their libido and that men should be responsible for providing them the quality of life they feel they deserve while they justify their existence by looking pretty.

    I cannot, however, believe one would seriously ask if the community as a whole shares such beliefs. :-/

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