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Thread: A True Sighting of an Adult Baby when I was Young.

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    Post A True Sighting of an Adult Baby when I was Young.

    When I was 14 (about 12 years ago) I worked at a donut shop that my mother had worked at I got in trouble in school and started working there.
    I seen to men walk in an older guy and a 20-30ish year old dressed in shortalls with lots of primary colors including a hat. I think he had a fanny pack on. At first I thought nothing of it and knew nothing about infantilism and I never touched internet yet. I thought I was a freak. Being young I laughed in my mind asking why is he wearing that. The place also cooked mini burgers like White Castle and that's what they ordered. I started cooking them. (The place was like a bar with stools and the grill was on other side of counter. Kinda like Waffle House.

    They asked to use the bathroom which was in the back and had to go outside to the back of building and open the door to let them in the back door that were right next to the bathrooms. Another door seperating the bathrooms from the baking area. I let them in and went back to cooking burgers. They were back there for a long time. I finished cooking them and put it on trays. It must of been 10-15 minutes til they came out. When they finally came back in they ate, paid, and left.

    Well I needed the restroom sometime later and went in and did my business and washed my hands dried my hands off with a paper towel. I went to throw it away and I froze up as I seen a diaper. It wasn't balled up and it was messy and wet. I thought it looked big for baby siaper. I took some fresh paper towels and grabbed the ends of the diaper and took it out. The mess didn't stink at all. (Sorry for rough graphics but...) It was soft filled from back to front and the diaper was quite thick too. It had been stuffed with an undergarnment pad without the straps. The diaper was White with Blue tape tabs.

    Not too long after this I finally got the internet and my whole world changed. I found DPF!

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    I know it wasn't me! I didn't have any shortalls then.

    It was really skanky of them not to properly dispose of the diaper!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Snap View Post
    It was really skanky of them not to properly dispose of the diaper!

    And good story! I had one similar where there was this guy that worked at the meat department in Grand Union. He went in to use the bathroom and I needed to also, so I waited, hoping he wouldn't be there for too long. He wasn't, but when I went in to wash my hands, I found a huge diaper just laying in the trash can. There was another one directly under it that was not used at all, (the double diaper wasn't properly done up.. there weren't any holes in the first diaper, so it was not soiled). I picked it out and put it around my pants and just listened to it rustle around my pants. It was amazing! I put the diaper under my jeans and underwear and wore them around the store. I got so scared when my mom saw me near the bathroom to get the diaper off. Overall though, it was a moment in my history I won't forget.

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    I never knew any tb/abs. Or at least not that I was aware of. Though, parsing memory, a neighbor of mine could very well have been now that I think about it O.o

    I came into contact with a DL when I was in 4th grade. He tried to molest a friend of mine and I. (I knew nothing about the DL thing; he was just in the woods where we were playing. That came out after we ran home and I told my mother what happened.) They never caught him.

    Strange people on this planet.

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    I remeber one when was around 16 or 14 at time I was in down city wait for the bus and this girl got off one was drinking a bottle she look like it had bulk under here pants she look about 16 around my age . A same gril around here age got off with here had what look like diaper bag all in pink and flower i beleive .

    I wish would of had got to go up ask her if she was TB like I was but did't I just got on the bus and never seen those two again.

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    Did you ever think the guy was possibly IC?

    That's always a option if you ever see anyone in diapers.

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    Well judging by his appearance being in shortalls, yellow shirt with red sleeves. His hat was blue red and yellow with a green bill. I remember them giggling and whispering. If he was incontinent I believe it was by choice.

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    I bet if you really wan to catch an eyefull gay pride parades are where to go... maybe gay bars on hallowe'en. But NOT to random strangers with pacis,,, they of the raver crowd who think non-ravers with pacis weirdos

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    i remember at secondary - thats high school, there was a class doing a project on the environment - they had this bulletin board up in a hallway and pinned to it were things that were bad for the environment. Of course a nappy was pinned up, i remember that i was the youngest in my family and had no direct or indirect contact with nappies at the time so one pinned up on a notice board i just wanted to yank it down an slap it on. Thing is though i have a distinct memory of another class mate standing beside me and i could tell right away that he shared my fascination with the nappy... if only

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    another tale was of a dude living at the top of my street - this was when i young and snot blinding me with plenty of cuts and bruises .. this dude had some ailment that required him to wear nappies, it was so obvious!! when i became older i worked at Virgin Records ( before Virgin Records closed down obviously ) the same dude now much older came into the store . With friends, only his friends weren't much of friends because the poor sap pooped .. he friends left him standing and fellow work mates told that it was obvious of the contents this poor sap's pant's... i'll never forget him

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