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  • Daliy 1hr or less

    22 35.48%
  • Daliy 2hr

    17 27.42%
  • Daliy 3hr

    18 29.03%
  • Every other day

    5 8.06%
  • Once a week

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Thread: Time spent on ADISC

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    Default Time spent on ADISC

    I just wanted to know how much time most people spend on the site.

    I useuly spend 1 hour to 3 hours on the site daily.

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    Gosh, way too much. I've thankfully cut it down to half an hour tops, but I waste so much time just sitting there refreshing. I'm such a nerd :\

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    I voted that I spend 2 hours daily. It can range anywhere from less than an hour to 6 hours a day haha. Some days when I am really busy I do not come on at all. Like this week for example, has been a very busy one for me so I have fallen way behind in reading the threads.

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    If I'm on my "weekend" It's sometimes all day. However, I'm been dropping it to about an hour a day now.

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    it'll be as much as two hours a day if i don't have anything pressing to occupy my time. sometimes it's probably even more than that. lately i've been really busy, though, so it hasn't been quite so much in the past few days. even so i only read like 25% of the new stuff that gets posted every day. =/

    i'm frankly amazed that ADISC has sustained my interest as long as it has. 2 hours a day is a lot of time. i keep expecting that i'll get bored and stop coming, or just concentrate exclusively on the IRC channel like so many people have. i think ultimately it's the friendships i've formed with people here that keep me coming back.

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    Used to spend heaps of time here and post alot but not so much since I went nuts in the irc and I hardly post at all now

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    I put two hours, but it could easily be three. I usually just keep it open, but I don't sit here refreshing every two seconds, I go do other things as well. Then I come back, refresh, and repeat, lol!

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    Well I'm usually on here whenever I'm on the computer, and I switch between this and whatever else I'm doing. Generally, I don't refresh very often if I'm in IRC - I give that most of my attention, and I usually come on about 7. So any time before 7 when I'm on the computer and I have nothing important to do - which is usually about half an hour a day. But I'm on here for a lot longer, just not particularly actively on here.

    But it's a different story on the weekends... I have nothing to do, so I usually sit here refreshing all day! So... 3 or 4 hours on the weekend.

    5 * 0.5 for the weekdays = 2.5, + 2 * 3 for the weekends = 2.5 + 6 = 8.5

    8.5 / 7 Gives an average of about 1.214 hours a day. So the closest option is an hour or less. Unless this poll counts time spent with ADISC open in the background while doing other stuff?

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    This poll won't be accurate until the 'One a month' and 'Once a week' people show up to vote :P

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