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Thread: best diaper for me?

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    Default best diaper for me?

    i have a 31 inch waist and was wondering what the best diaper or pull-up would be for me?any ideas?

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    Any adult diaper will do, probably a size medium. If you want a pullup, though, go for the Goodnites or the Walgreen's Sleep Pants. (They're pretty stretchy, from what I've heard.)

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    Goodnites L-XL will fit, they can fit up to a 32 waist with no problem. (Im judging that off of others posts, I am a 28 waist) But the side do lose ther elasticity if you leave them on for too long (being longer than 24 hours). Not significantly but definatly noticably, It increases the chances of leaking by alot. Goodnites also have a comfy fit.

    Other than that, what Nei said. Any adult diapers will do...

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